What's Next for the Demon Elite Team

So if you assumed that each man in the Demon Elite team would get a book, you assumed correctly. Now that Crash and Elijah are relatively happy
and Wolf is chasing Liam all over the Lakehouse Mansion, Cosmo needs to come home. A lot happens before he gets a break from the job though. So Cosmo (Demon Elite #3) takes the lead in the next book.

I know what your thinking: What about Finn, Liam's brother? I know, I love Finn so much too. He's struggling with his mother's death. Shade's secretive nature and Finn's off-the-wall behavior has poor Tanner running out on empty.

Do you see where I'm going with this, though? M/M/M here we come. Tanner (Demon Elite #4) will be out mid-summer-ish, I think.

Guess what? Germ get's a story next. Little computer geek Germ that we all love because he both annoys and is friend to all the guys. I really want to take him shopping sometime, just to see what kind of things he'd buy. Anyway, he does something very stupid and gets himself in trouble. You'll meet Germ's love interest late-summer/fall-ish.

Late this year Ash gets a story. He's the one that cheats at cards all the time.  He'll round out the year. You'll be able to experience Thanksgiving with the whole Lakehouse Mansion in his book, which should be fun chaos.

The rest of the guys on the team will get their stories next year. I can promise at least one more M/M/M in this series and a whole lot of Alpha males.


April Watts said…
Sounds exciting, can't wait!
April Watts said…
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