What I'm working on and what to expect from me in the next few months.

The Journey of Jimini Renn

This is a single title, so not part of a series at all. It has a dystopia type setting. I explore a world with no surface water. It's about a man named Jimini Renn. He's the caretaker for his teenage brother and his elderly neighbor. He's very down to earth and really just goes through the motions of life. Rinse, wash, repeat. But of course, something happens. It always does. I don't want to give too much away so I'll just say that this story is about a journey in a world that is harsh to say the least. 

I'm really hoping for an April 25th release date on this one.

Demon Elite

The next Demon Elite book comes out May 1st and features Cosmo Ruckman and Derek Kyle as the main characters. I'll do a cover reveal at some point in April to show you the new pretty. The title is called Cosmo. Tanner will be out on July 1st and will be an M/M/M romance.

Here's the blurb a little early:

Cosmo knew breaking and entering Derek’s house was probably not the way to win the man’s affection.

Cosmo Ruckman was very good at breaking and entering. He’s had years of practice, starting from the time he was a child. Despite his criminal past, he manages to earn a spot on the Demon Elite team. Cosmo has had a mad crush on Derek Kyle from the first moment he met him. Since Derek never gave him the time of day, moving on was easy when Demon Elite left the agency. Cosmo hasn’t thought about Derek in months. Now, he’s assigned the task of breaking into the man’s house and office. He just hopes that Derek has nothing to hide, because it could mean the man’s death.  

Saint Lakes 

Somewhere to Stay is book three in the series. This is Shawn and Gabriel's story. For those of you who love dragon shifters I'm sorry to say that Gabriel is a Wolf shifter and Shawn is human. I know, I know. But his one will be pretty fast paced and I'll bring back the mean vampires and add in the nice ones. So we'll get some sexy vampires in this one. This one has a tentative release date of May 25th.
Book four in the series will also not include a dragon, but a bobcat shifter named Forest instead. The release date will be sometime late-summer and the title is Right Where We Are.


Each Wingspan book will feature a dragon shifter as one of the main characters. New Addiction (Wingspan #1) is the first book in the series. We'll get to see how Rory and Caerwyn fair with their relationship. If you remember correctly Rory was the grumpy bear shifter in Running Out of Moonlight and Caerwyn was the Dragon Shifter from Wingspan. It will be release sometime mid-summer.

That will get us through the end of summer. Visit my website for any updates, including a coming soon page. http://www.authoraprilkelley.com/


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