Oh, Weird Ideas!

I get these weird ideas that just pop into my head at random times. Sometimes they are in the form of a dream. The Pickleville Series came about because of a dream I had that was so vivid, I had a hard time sleeping afterwards. It was about this boy in a small town who was bullied by the local kids so severely that he left town as soon as he had a chance. 

And some ideas are like these visions that come to me during the day. Like for instance the idea for a new series I'll be putting out sometime later this year came to me when I was vacuuming my living room floor. This was years ago, when my children were toddlers and I was taking a night class.

Anyway, my idea/vision/daydream was about two teenage boys in this little shed thing. In the shed was this dilapidated chair that looked like animals lived in it and made a home. One of the boys was blond and had on an orange coat that was slightly dirty around the coat cuffs. It was one of those puffy coats. He had a gun in his left hand. He was crying and shaking his head at another boy who was sitting in the chair. The other boy kept begging the kid in the orange coat for something. I wasn't sure what it was until the gun was raised.

I don't have much of an opportunity to write out the rest of the story, but I often wondered what happened to both boys. Did the Orange coat kid pull the trigger and if so, why did he when he clearly looked distraught. (And now that I wrote this I realize you guys are probably going to make me finish this story asap). 

Well, I got some answers now that I started writing the story, but not all of them and I'm looking forward to finding out more.

I was watching the news the other day and they did a story on the Global Water Crisis that none of us really want to thing about, but is a real issue. I had a sudden vision of this half dead man laying on the ground, dying of thirst. What must it be like to not have drinking water? And what would the world look like if every body of water slowly dried up? 

My point is that I'll keep turning my weird ideas into stories for as long as I have them. The two ideas mentioned about that I haven't turned into books or series yet will definitely see the light sometime this year.


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