#MySexySaturday - Some Sexy Action

So this week I have a scene from my newest release, Wolf (Demon Elite #2). This is an M/M Contemporary Action-Adventure, designed to help the reader escape real life for a couple hours.


How is he supposed to trust a man who calls himself Wolf?

Liam O’Reilly doesn’t trust anyone, not even his own mother. With good reason too, because he finds out his mother and stepfather pay to have his brother kidnapped and held against his will. Now, all Liam O'Reilly wants to do is save his brother from the people who are hunting him and get them both out of a very messed up situation. He thinks calling the police will help, but it turns out they are the enemy. When the police who are supposed to protect him throw him in the jail instead, he thinks all hope is lost, until a man named Wolf shows up. Liam isn’t sure if Wolf is his rescuer or just another bad guy. He can’t trust anyone.


Liam came awake with a start and immediately started swinging. Wolf grabbed Liam’s arm and pulled him across the center console so that Wolf could contain him. “You’re safe. It’s just me, Firecracker. Just me,” Wolf whispered into his ear soothingly.

Liam sagged against him, his arms coming around Wolf. “Sorry, I forgot where I was.”

“You’re safe.” Wolf ran a hand up and down Liam’s back. “I need to go in and get a hotel room. Lock the door behind me. I’ll be right back.”

“Okay.” Liam tried to pull away from Wolf then, but he held on. Liam chuckled. “You have to let me go if you’re getting a hotel room, Wolf.”

“You feel good right here.” Liam felt perfect in his arms, as if the universe meant for him to be right there all the time. No one had ever felt quite so perfect before.

God, Wolf had lost his mind. Either that, or he was so tired he wasn’t thinking straight. Liam was his client. He couldn’t just pull a Crash and fall for this guy. Plus, they’d just met. Although spending fourteen hours in the car constantly talking had to be the equivalence of at least four regular dates.

“I like it too.”


Alexis Duran said…
Fun snippet! I like these two already.
April Kelley said…
Thank you so much for visiting :-)

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