#MySexySaturday - Our Sexy Night

So this weeks sexy snippet comes from my debut novella. It's been a whole year sense it's been out so I thought it appropriate.


Finding love in a town he couldn’t wait to get away from is the last thing he expects, and the one thing that just may change his life forever.

All Jaron McAllister wanted to do was get out of the small town where he grew up. After being bullied all his life for being gay, that’s exactly what he does. He loses all contact with everyone in the town of Pickleville, including his emotionally distant mother and the only true friend he ever had.

When his best friend and mother of the child they share, get murdered, he knows he must ask for help in the one place he thought he would never go back to. Coming back home isn’t easy and finding himself attracted to the town man-slut spells disaster. Travis Heath isn’t at all what his reputation suggests, though.


They ended up watching The Discovery Channel the rest of the day and into the evening. They grilled chicken for dinner and went right back to their couch-potato state.

Jaron thought about the picture they must make. Jaron leaning against Travis’ side, his arm around Jaron, pulling him closer, and Bobby in Jaron’s lap, the puppy cuddled up next to them. Jackson took up most of the loveseat, looking to be asleep. In all Jaron’s life he never felt this content, this relaxed, before. It was as if this was where Jaron was supposed to be, right here in this moment with the people he loved most in the world. At least he thought he loved Travis. He was certainly beginning to fall in love with the other man.

Things were moving way too fast in their relationship. Jaron knew this and couldn’t bring himself to care.

“Will you spend the night?” Travis whispered in Jaron’s ear.

Jaron looked down at Bobby already sleeping against his chest. “Looks like someone doesn’t have any objections.” Jaron smoothed the hair back from Bobby’s face.

Jaron should really have told Travis no. Instead, he scooped Bobby up and followed Travis. Travis carried the puppy up. He laid Bobby on the bed and tucked the blankets around him. Travis put the dog down on the bed. Brownie walked around in a circle several times before settling next to Bobby’s blanket covered legs. Bobby never woke up. Jaron decided to leave the door open to the room his boy was currently occupying. Travis grabbed the extra blanket and pillow off the bed and went back to the living room. Jaron watched as Travis took care of his friend, making sure he was comfortable.

He followed Travis to the master bedroom, sitting on the bed with his hands folded in his lap. He was suddenly nervous. Jaron wasn’t sure if it was being in Travis’s bedroom or the prospect of being with the one man he could truly say he might be falling in love with.


Angelica Dawson said…
Lovely snippet. Great building.
C.C. Williams said…
Domestically fabulous!

Great clip.

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