Friday Post - What do I like about writing?

Bronwyn and I do this thing where we answer the same question. It's a way to celebrate our differences as writers and people, in general. When you're done reading my response to the question, please visit Bronwyn's blog and read hers.

My Answer:

I love everything about writing and always have, even as a child. Hell, I still have some of the stories I wrote down when I was a child. I was the only kid on earth writing Stand By Me fanfic. Storytelling in general is fun for me. Creating people and putting them in certain settings, giving them certain situations they have to work their way out of. I love taking that journey with them, seeing how their lives work out and getting to know them. It feels like I’m making friends. Sharing those same people with others, so that they can make friends too, just makes writing that much better.

Beyond the actual story itself, I like being able to manipulate every single word that makes up a sentence to change its meaning. I love the challenge of creating a certain tone to a sentence, especially through dialog or when writing a scene that includes music.

Personally, I wouldn’t write if I didn’t love every aspect of the process. 

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How is he supposed to trust a man who calls himself Wolf?

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