Write WHERE you know

If you've read my books then you know that the settings are usually always small towns and they're also almost always by the water. The reason for this is because I live in a small town and less than ten minutes from one of the biggest lakes in the entire world. I've live in Southwest Michigan my whole life so it's really all I know.

I probably could write a series about five friends who meet at a big city coffee house with some believability or about a family who were raised in New York City or someplace equally as populated. I don't think the story would be as much fun for me to write about it I did though.

I'm a character writer, which means that the stories that came to me are always in the form of people first. The setting is usually secondary when I'm thinking about a series idea.

For Pickleville, the first series I wrote, the setting is a small farming community about ten minutes from Lake Michigan. Sound familiar? Yeah. I couldn't resist putting Lake Michigan in the series. It plays a small role in Getting Back to Good. In fact, Luis hikes around the lakes, spending months of his time letting the environment clear his head.

So yeah, I love where I live and I love writing about it.

I'll blog about Saint Lakes in a part two of this post. Yes, I based Saint Lakes on a real-life place. I'll post pictures so you'll get to see what I embellished and what I didn't.


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