Running Out of Moonlight (Saint Lakes #2)

Available February 10th!

They thought finding each other would heal them both, but life in Saint Lakes doesn’t make it that simple.

Sage Rickman changed the day vampire’s kidnapped him and decided to use him as their plaything. Now that he’s back in Saint Lakes he should feel safe, right? Hallucinations and the constant paranoia made daily life impossible at times. Peace of mind is an elusive creature. Finding out he has a mate that’s feral scares the crap out of him. His mate, Garridan, needs him to be normal, but he doesn’t even know what that looks like anymore. 
(Warning: Talk of rape and abuse)

Sage had on a t-shirt and underwear, and that was it. He was searching through one of their dresser drawers, probably for pants. In Garridan’s opinion, he didn’t need pants. He looked better without them, especially his ass. That particular part of Sage was so fucking perfect it was hard not to constantly stare at it.
He liked looking at Sage in general though. He liked the way he moved, even when he was nervous and anxious like he was now. He had this way of standing that was both defeating and spoke of his resiliency all at the same time. It amazed Garridan how tough Sage was.
“Damn it, I have no clean pants. I really need to go back to my house and pick up some more clothes. Especially if we’re going to stay here for a while.”
“Or we could do laundry,” Garridan said.
Sage turned and narrowed his eyes. “I’ll do laundry after we get back from my house.”
Garridan made a noise that indicated he would do whatever Sage wanted him to do. He wasn’t making a judgment about the laundry. “Come here.”
“I need to find pants so I can leave the room, Garridan. The washer and dryer are in the basement.” Sage rummaged around in the drawer, his frustration was growing with each passing moment. He slammed the dresser drawer closed and moved over to the closet. Garridan heard hanger’s sliding around on the metal bar and then Sage sighed in frustration, going down on his hands and knees. His ass was just about the only thing Garridan could see sticking out of the closet. “Not one single pair of pants at all. This is just fucking perfect.”
Garridan gritted his teeth at the picture Sage made, his eyes changing to his dragons. Garridan’s cock got hard just as Sage shifted around in the closet, which made it look like he was wriggling his ass, trying to get Garridan’s attention with the thing. Sage definitely had Garridan’s full attention.
“I’ll start the laundry and ask Lucas if he has something you can borrow.”
Sage’s head popped out of the closet and he looked a little flushed. “Can we go to my house to get more of my things?”
“Whatever you want, baby.”
Sage smiled at him. Finally.
“Come here.” Sage stood up, closing the closet door, and started across the room to him. When he got close enough, Garridan brought his hands up to Sage’s waist. He pulled him gently, urging him to sit on Garridan’s lap.
Sage balked right before he got to Garridan, not sitting down. “I have things to do today, Garridan. I really need those pants.”

“I want to cuddle you. Maybe get a kiss. Think you can work that into your busy schedule?”

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