#MySexySaturday - A Sexy Paranormal Love

This snippet is from my new Paranormal release, Running Out of Moonlight (Saint Lakes #2). It's available on Amazon.


They thought finding each other would heal them both, but life in Saint Lakes doesn’t make it that simple.

Sage Rickman changed the day vampire’s kidnapped him and decided to use him as their plaything. Once he’s back in Saint Lakes he should feel safe, right? Hallucinations and the constant paranoia make daily life impossible at times. Peace of mind is an elusive creature. Finding out he has a mate who’s feral, scares the crap out of him. His mate, Garridan, needs him to be normal, but he doesn’t even know what that looks like anymore.


“You came,” Sage said and looked astonished.
Garridan made another purring sound. He would always come to his mate. Garridan wanted to lift the window up and pluck him from it, fly him off so that no one would ever be able to take Sage away from him again. Garridan could see, by the red rims around Sage’s eyes, that wasn’t what he needed. Instead, he just stood there, waiting to see what his mate did need.
“Your dragon’s pretty. A dark red color,” Sage said.
Pretty. Garridan made a sound that indicated he didn’t like the use of the word.
Sage’s smile was so mesmerizing that Garridan took a step closer and then another, until there was only glass separating them. Garridan rubbed his face against the glass and made a purring sound, letting Sage know how much he wanted to be near him.
He felt the glass move and Garridan pulled back. He breathed in deeply when his mate’s smell became stronger. The warmth from inside the house hit him, made him want to crawl through the window. Garridan didn’t though. He didn’t even shift to his human body, but he did move into Sage’s touch. Garridan chuffed and then started to make the purring sound again.
Sage chuckled and pulled his big dragon head closer to him. Garridan let Sage do whatever he wanted. Half his neck was inside the room and the side of his head was against Sage’s chest.


Angelica Dawson said…
I love dragons. Thanks for sharing!
Reily Garrett said…
Just started reading - its great!

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