A BonyDee Challenge, Release Day!

Are we all excited for the release day of The Way Life Turns?! I know we are.

The Way Life Turns by April Kelley & Bronwyn Heeley
(A BonyDee Press Challenge)
Published on the 19th of February 2016 by BonyDee Press
Cover Art: BonyDee Design
Words: 19986 ǀ Heat Level: 4
Contemporary Romance


What happens when two men are in very different places in their relationship?

Almost from the start of their relationship, Jonah was in love with Scott. Scott doesn’t share that same sentiment. Jonah finds out exact how Scott feels about him the hard way, when he sees Scott in a compromising position with someone else. How they react becomes the challenge two authors have set out to solve. Will there be forgiveness or misery as Jonah reacts to what Scott has done?


Jonah nearly dove for the phone when it rang. He dripped water all over the bathroom floor as he leaned out of the shower. He looked at it as if it somehow put itself there, until he saw the stream of water drip from his arm onto the corner of the small blue bath mat, turning it a darker shade of blue the wetter it became.
He’d clean up his mess later though. Right now, he pressed the green answer button and put the phone up to his ear without looking at the screen.
“You totally need to get over here,” his sister Janey said.
“I can’t. I’m waiting for a call.”
“And you think you live in the 1980s, before cellphones...why? They are making them portable now you know.” He could practically see her rolling her eyes, which were the exact same hazel color as his own. Beyond the eye color, there really wasn’t that much similarity. Janey had dark hair the color of maple tree bark and she was so short, Jonah was constantly picking on her about it. Jonah wasn’t tall either, actually. He considered himself average for a man. Still, his sister was shorter than most people.
Now he was annoyed she was burning up his phone when he was waiting for Scott to call him. Not that he was about to admit it to anyone, including his sister. He knew his sister knew what had happened because Hank-the little shit-told her. Janey had called him a couple days ago to tell him how sorry Hank said he was, blah, blah, blah. And Scott probably confided in Vince, given the sympathetic looks Vince kept giving him. He honestly didn’t think anyone else knew about what had happened.
He hadn’t talked to anyone about it at all. He really didn’t know what to say. The incident constantly played through his mind. His emotions ranged from disgust, angry, love, and hurt. Sometimes they all lived inside him at once.


The knock came three hours later. Jonah sat and waited it out. He had a pretty good idea who was on the other side and didn’t want to have to deal with it any more than he wanted to deal with the phone calls.
“Jonah, I know you’re in there.”
“No shit.” Where else would he fucking be? There was no way, after a phone call with his sister that he’d be going out that night. Even if he’d not already picked up. It was the only luck he’d had in a long time that he’d managed to pick up at the supermarket before heading home.
Jonah let the breath out of his body as his head hit the back of the lounge and stayed there. Vince. The arse who was marrying his sister. Okay, so maybe arse was a bad term as the man had been one of his closest friends before the incident and really it wasn’t Vince’s fault that Jonah had walked away from the whole lot of them. However the fact that he was only here on behalf of his sister, the bitch he chose to marry, made the next conversation a lot less appealing.
Jonah might miss the arse, but it didn’t mean he wanted to see him. To be reminded of the humiliation that was his past. To have a guy he’d considered a brother bitch at him in the words of his sister.
“Jonah, open the fucking door before I break it down.”
Jonah chuckled. What was he going to do, get a chainsaw? It wasn’t like Jonah’s apartment door was something flimsy and easily broken. Hell, it was a fire door therefore heavier than most.
“God damn it, you fucking arsehole. I just wanna make sure you’re not dead.”
“I ain’t!” He yelled at the door.
“Prove it.”
“Doesn’t me talking prove that, fucker?”
“Nope, now open the door or I’m calling a locksmith.”

Jonah narrowed his eyes, wondering if Vince would actually call someone to break into his house.


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