What's to Come for 2016

I suppose I should start this post by saying Crash (Demon Elite #1) just came out yesterday, so Is started out the New Year with a book. I plan on leaving 2016 with one as well. You can get it at eXtasy Books exclusively until January 8th in which time it will become available on Amazon worldwide.

I plan on having five more Demon Elite books out this year. The next one will be available March 1st. The title is Wolf (Demon Elite #2) I'm sure you can figure out a theme as Crash is the name of the Main Character in book one. And Wolf is the main character of book two. Cosmo will be the main character in book three. One member of the team I'm really looking forward to writing is Germ. If you've read Crash then you probably understand why. He so funny. I can't wait.

So for Saint Lakes I plan on Six more books this year. Running Out of Moonlight (Saint Lakes #2) comes out February 10th. It will be exclusive to Amazon for a few months and then go on sale everywhere else. It'll be available for Kindle Unlimited users. Book two is Sage and Garridan's story. Garridan is the dragon shifter the vampires had kept captive for so long. He has issues because of his captivity. And Sage is the snake shifter that gets kidnapped with Lucas. Each man has his own demons to fight. 

Book Three, Somewhere to Stay, is Gabriel and Shawn's story. Poor Shawn can't seem to make good choices which becomes a problem for Gabriel, who is a wolf shifter. Gabriel doesn't want a mate so poor Shawn also has his rejection to deal with. Book three will come out April 10th.

Book Four, Right Where We Are, will come out June 10th. It's Forrest's story. I don't want to say to much at this point because I'll give some of the plot away if I do. Definitely don't want spoilers so early in the series. Needless to say the overall series plot with Nicolono Stavros' Coven heats up and each little piece of a bigger, more sinister puzzle get put in place. It doesn't look good for Saint Lakes, that's for sure. 

I also wrote a book with Bronwyn Heeley. It'll be available Feb. 17th. The Way Live Turns is a story about how one moment can change everything for a person. In my story that moment is Jonah's coffee pot breaking. In Bronwyn's story, that never happens. The same character goes through two different experiences. All because of a coffee pot. 

I'm currently developing a wolf shifter series called Wolf City. I'd like to have at least one book come out this year. The first book in the series will be called Taking an Oath. I'm actually about 1/3 of the way done with it. I'm hoping to finish this first book this year and have it available sometime soon. Ideally I'd like 2 Wolf City books out this year, but we'll see how things go. 

I also think I have a good idea for a Dragon Shifter series called Wingspan. It would be nice to have a few of them come out this year, but I don't know if it will actually happen. I have a ton of ideas and not enough time to write them all. I suppose this is a good problem to have and I'm certainly not complaining at all.

I'm very proud of the fact that Bronwyn Heeley and I are starting a business. A brand new website will be launched sometime this year I think. For now we have a blog. Come check it out here, http://bonydeemdp.blogspot.com/.

One of the things we're doing this year is coming out with a Anthology. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Matthew Shepard Foundation. They have done some great things, including getting hate laws and legislation put in place here in the United States. For more about the Foundation go to their website http://www.matthewshepard.org/

We are currently take submissions, so if you'd like to help out and donate a short story please go to our Submissions page on the blog. http://bonydeemdp.blogspot.com/p/call-for-submisstions.html. This page will give you a lot more information then I'm giving here. Published or not, we want your help. 

It would be nice to start a tradition with this Anthology, and help stop hate all over the world. 

That's what I have planned for 2016.


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