The Three Lakes of Saint Lakes

There is a story about the three lakes that surround Saint Lakes that Mother Estelle told each one of her children when they became adults. The story is about how the lakes got their name. It goes like this:

There was a wolf shifter named Somerset. Somerset had a brother named Cable that was his exact opposite. Both brothers were very close as siblings should be and spent all their time together. (Mother Estelle might have had an agenda by telling this story to each one of her eight children. She might have told this story to them when they argued over something or other.)
Cable was the first of the brothers to find his mate. The mate was a very pretty human by the name of North. North had a difficult time accepting Cable as his mate because he didn’t know about paranormals before meeting the wolf shifter. His feelings were quickly resolved though, and the two men were happy.
Somerset wasn’t happy though. He also felt the mate pull towards North, but did nothing about it. Years went by with Somerset pining for his brother’s mate. He never said a word to anyone and became very isolated. He would shift into his wolf for months at a time and disappear.
One day Cable and North had had enough with the brother’s behavior and waited for him to come back from one of Somerset’s long disappearances. When he sees Somerset he confronted him, making his brother confess his feelings for North. The two brothers fought so severely that North couldn’t stop them from killing each other.
As the blood flowed around North’s feet he wept with his loss of both men. He was so distraught he ran, tears followed him until he collapsed from grief. Fate looked down at that moment and saw North’s grief. She felt North’s grief, her tears mixing with North’s and the blood of the brothers. It rained for days, storming until three lakes formed right where North and the brother’s body’s lay.

Each man has been forever restful beneath the water of the lake that is named after them. They are now the ancestors who watch over the clan of Saint Lakes. 


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