The People of Saint Lakes

Bennett and Lucas

Bennett Somerset came to Saint Lakes as a young child. His village had been attacked my wolf shifters and his parents were killed. His father's best friend, Garridan, took care of him after the attack, but he disappeared one day, never to be seen from again. His adoptive mother, Estelle, is a great parent to him and made sure he has a good life. Bennett has six brothers and sisters and counting. I say and counting because Mother Estelle takes in orphaned children of all species. She even takes in orphaned adults who need her help. So Bennett never knows when he'll gain a new brother or sister. Bennett is very content with his life when he meets his mate. He owns a boat repair business that he runs right out of his own garage.

Lucas Speck is a little down on his luck when his story starts. He's a musician who just never got the break he needed so he makes rent money working at an office supply store and trying to save up enough to get out of his parents' home, for the second time. Lucas is twenty-six years old when he starts getting headaches so bad they because debilitating and he has a hard time functioning in every day life. Then weird, unexplainable things happening. This ball of light seems to bring his mother's dying plants back to life and miraculously his headaches go away right after that happens. One day he's out with his friend and he discovers vampires are a real thing, not just in the movies. He also discovers that the vampires want to kill him.

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