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If you've read the first Saint Lakes book, Leave It AllAll, you might think I have something against vampires. That is not the case and I prove it in Running Out of Moonlight (Saint Lakes #2). This story focuses on two shifters, however, there is a vampire that is a very strong secondary character and will be the Main Character in a future Saint Lakes book.

In Running Out of Moonlight Magnus is a hired gun, who is working for the bad guy to kill Saint Lakes Alpha. That is until he sees his mate, Ladon, which is the Alpha's brother. The only problem is Magnus' mate hasn't had his first shift yet which means Magnus can't mate with him. Ladon is 18 years old, which is consenting age for vampires and humans, but not for shifters. Again, both Magnus and his mate are strong secondary characters and their story is coming sometime next year.

The Snippet:

Magnus smiled at Ladon, but had a resignation in his eyes. Magnus brought a hand up, cupping Ladon’s cheek. “You’re so young. I see that now. Even if you had shifted already I don’t think you’re ready for a mate.”
“Jeez, fuck you very much,” Ladon said and took a step away from Magnus.
“You know it’s true.”
“You’re just going to leave, aren’t you? I can tell you are. Everyone fucking leaves eventually. Why should you be different?”
“Ladon, I risked my life trying to get you away from your family. Do you really think I’m going to stay away forever?” Magnus took a step closer. He pressed his lips to Ladon’s, holding them there for long seconds.
“Wow! Yeah, who needs to shift into a dragon? Not me. Let’s do that again.” Ladon’s hand gripped the nape of Magnus neck and he kissed him again.

“Okay, now you can say something,” Sage said and let Garridan go long enough for him to reach out a hand and grab the back of Ladon’s coat, pulling him back.

The blurb:

They thought finding each other would heal them both, but life in Saint Lakes doesn’t make it that simple.

Sage Rickman changed the day vampire’s kidnapped him and decided to use him as their plaything. Now that he’s back in Saint Lakes he should feel safe, right? Hallucinations and the constant paranoia made daily life impossible at times. Peace of mind is an elusive creature. Finding out he has a mate that’s feral scares the crap out of him. His mate, Garridan, needs him to be normal, but he doesn’t even know what that looks like anymore. \

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