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Love and danger aren’t supposed to go hand in hand.

Elijah wants to go back to his old life. He never realized just how well his mother kept the rest of his crazy family out of his life until she was gone. His extended family descended on him like the plague and now he’s in some deep trouble. Trouble he can’t get out of, no matter how hard he tries.

Crash Morgan is the guy his boss sends when someone needs to get assassinated. Sometimes the best thing for society is to eliminate the worst that humanity has to offer and Crash is very good at doing that. When he’s sent to interrogate Elijah Spade, he’s a bit out of his element. Talking to the suspect isn’t exactly where he excels. What’s even worse is Crash feels protective of Elijah. 

Elijah was probably going to get killed. If not from the men Crash was hunting, then definitely by Crash himself, if the look on his face was any indication. Elijah walked up to him, trying to ignore the dead guy at his feet.

He had sat in the car for several minutes, thinking about Crash out here because of him. “Don’t be mad. I can’t let you get hurt because of me.”

“We’re both going to get killed because you’re distracting me, Elijah. I told you to stay in the car.” Crash took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He grabbed Elijah around the back of his neck and pulled him close. His other arm wrapped around Elijah’s waist. “You could have been killed walking up to me like that. Don’t ever do that again.”

“I’m sorry.”

Crash sighed and then let him go. “Just stay right behind me.”

Elijah nodded and grabbed onto Crash’s shirt when he turned around. Elijah watched as Crash aimed a gun at the window of the apartment building. It didn’t take but a couple minutes for a shot to ring out and then glass shattered.

Elijah covered his ears when they started ringing, especially the one that was struck by Jasper’s whip last week. Crash started running towards the building, Elijah following right behind him. He grabbed onto the back of Crash’s shirt once again as they waited against the outside of the building. Elijah looked around and noticed a woman peeking out at them from the house across the street. Elijah made a gesture for her to get down, hoping she would understand and get the hell out of the window. The last thing he needed was an innocent lady’s death on his conscience. He sighed in relief when she disappeared.

“Stay close, honey. We’re going in and I don’t know what to expect in there.”

“Okay.” Elijah wasn’t sure how much closer he could get. He was already plastered against Crash like he was the man’s second skin. 

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