Crafty Tuesday-Why I'm choosing to opt-out of Kindle Unlimited

I chose to put Leave it All (Saint Lakes #1) on Kindle Unlimited (KU), just to see if it would be worth it for me to do so for future books. So, essentially I experimented with it and I still am. To be able to compare I'm pulling out of KU and not putting my next book on there. Instead, I'm making all books available everywhere books are sold. I'll compare the dollar amount I get and go from there.

 Leave it All is around the 60k mark and Amazon pays by the page. For each page that's read I get just below half a cent. 
So my next book, Running Out of Moonlight (Saint Lakes #2)  is about the same length.

I bring up the word counts of my books because I honestly think that for larger books KU might be a good choice. At least if an author is looking for an immediate paycheck right now. So for works over the 100K word count KU might be something worth considering. But for my 60K books I think it may be worth it to experiment a bit further, because numbers don't lie. I'll crunch the numbers and compare and post the results in a later post.

My prediction is that I'll make slightly more money putting it everywhere books are sold. I don't think the numbers are going to be staggering either way.

However, I do think not using KU will benefit my long term career goals, which is to make writing a lifelong career goal. As I've said in other posts, I struggle with the exclusivity of just posting a book to KU, because once it's on KU it can't be sold anywhere else. I know Amazon is the largest bookseller of eBooks worldwide, but I really wonder how KU limits the author's overall exposure. For me, Author Branding is also an important factor. Of course, there's no real immediate way to test what kind of impact KU has on marketing an Author's overall brand.


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