A BonyDee Challenge - Part 2

The Cast of Characters

Initial reaction to the Challenge: When I was first given the cast of characters and the actual Challenge, which turned out to be the prologue, I thought that Jonah was a lush. I mean he's so drunk off his ass that he's stumbling around on a day that's pretty important to his sister. My initial thought was: Why can't he stay sober for her? What the hell's wrong with him? 

Jonah: Weirdly enough, my thoughts on Jonah didn't immediately go to his relationship with Scott. Instead, I analyzed the drunk at a family function thing and came up with two conclusions.

One: He's a little self-centered and probably doesn't know how to communicate effectively.
Two: Every member of his family was probably the same way.

Scott: So now I have this self-centered, uncommunicative person who's in this heart-wrenching situation with a boyfriend, Scott. Okay, Scott doesn't know what to think about Jonah honestly. All he knows is that he really cares about him, but doesn't know if that sentiment is returned at all. Not knowing makes him insecure enough to mess things up big time.

As for Jonah's mother and sister: Well, I thought about the wedding and how much work that is to put together. Janey has to be stressed out with all the preparations. So I wrote her as a bit stressed. The mother is exactly like someone in my family, who I will not name. Regardless, Jonah's mom is self-centered and a lot overbearing.

So that was how I approached this Challenge. I'm a Character writer so this was probably the most important part for me.


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