Crafty Tuesday - To KU or not KU! That is the question.

And one I still don't have an answer for.

That's right, you heard me. I have no idea if Amazon's Kindle Unlimited is good or bad for authors. I know there are some pros and cons to it for both readers and authors. More knowledgeable people than me have blogged about the pros and cons of Amazon KU and have crunched the numbers harder than I have.

Author Brad Vance is probably the most informative person when it comes to this topic that I have ever com across. He's also a great author so be sure to pick up his books. You can learn more about his own experiences on KU and find out more about his books by visiting his website. Here's the link to that

Now, I'll just tell you about my own experiences with it. Before I do though, please keep in mind that I'm just starting out, not only has an author, but also with self-publishing. I started out in February 2015 with a tradition publisher and have just expanded into self-publishing last month (Nov). I'm what some would call a hybrid author, which just means I publish on my own and through traditional methods.

I have three self-published titles out, currently. And only one is a full length novel. Leave It All (Saint Lakes #1) is the only title I have on Kindle Unlimited. I've found the experiences to be lucrative actually. I've made double what I normally would through more traditional means and that's just the amount I earned on Amazon KU. That does not include my regular sales.

Just KU and only KU: The issue I personally have with KU is that Amazon essentially becomes your publisher and can dictate where your book gets distributed, which I find to be a little disconcerting. As a self-published author I kind of like being able to do everything myself, in my own time. Once you're in KU, you have to stay there for at least three months. I suppose three months isn't that long in the grand scheme of things. But the question remains just how many sales am I missing out on by not uploading it to any other site. Maybe a little, maybe more than a little. I don't know yet. For me personally this is my only issue with KU.

Also, I wonder, by going exclusively with KU, exactly how much exposure am I losing in the long run? While it may be lucrative right now, how great is it for my author brand? I mean I want to continue to do this authoring thing for a long time, so I have to consider the long term effects.

Note: Having your book in KU doesn't affect your print publishing choices, just your digital ones. A lot of people love print books still and if you listen to the people on the news print is making a comeback. And yes, Leave It All (Saint Lakes #1) is available in print on Amazon. Here's the link to that if you're interested. Amazon

I'll post more about KU and distribution choices in other Crafty Tuesday posts.


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