Bronwyn's Interlude -WIP

Okay, so Bronwyn and I are kinda, sorta writing a book together called The Way Life Turns. It's a pick your own adventure type of book. It's been a bit of a challenge, which I think has been great for both of us. It will come out Feb. 17th and we'll both post more about it in the next couple months. 

Here's a portion of the adventure Bronwyn Heeley wrote:

He missed his life. And thought it had only been two months. It dragged like it had been a year.
“You heading in?”
That voice sparked a precession down Johan’s spine. Heating him up and outward as Johan tried desperately to contain it. To not let Scott know his immidently effect he had on him.
“Ah yeah,” he signed as he looked back up to the house. Everything was all mixed together, tangled in a sudden wrapping for facts that Johan didn’t want to think about. Because thinking about it would mean that he may have some blame to take and the hurt was still too strong.
Scott huffed a laugh behind him as Johan stayed still. He wanted to move forward. It was only a house after all, but the humiliation seemed to ghost out and taunt him.
He took a step forward but couldn’t go any further. He was so ashamed of himself, of what had happened. He was ashamed for who he became even though he wasn’t sure he’d be able to stop it.
He didn’t want to see his sister glowing in her wonderland of happiness, contentness, with the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with.
He didn’t want to see his friend Vance up there with her as happy as she was, hoping the world wasn’t going to swallow them whole because they had everything they could ever want in life.
He didn’t want to see those faces, especially the one behind him, glowing and happy and waiting for the day that they could be standing up there just like those two.
Wedding had that way thought, they made you want even a slice of the happiness the couple had and Johan wasn’t sure he could deal with that, not knowing he had that love.
“You really hurt me,” he spoke without meaning to.
“I know,” Scott sounded sorry, sad. So sad, though Johan wasn’t ready to forgive. “I’m sorry.”
“Doesn’t change anything though.”
There was a sigh, it was full of meaning Johan couldn’t understand because he wouldn’t look. He wouldn’t turn around and see the man that had taken everything away from him. 

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