Being Neighborly is LIVE!

So Being Neighborly is Live! The links are at the bottom of this page. 

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Isaac’s life changed forever the day he meets his two sexy neighbors.

From the first day Isaac Gaines came out of the closet, he had been on his own. He thought he did a good job, over the years, getting through the hurt his family had caused him. So what if he never actually dated or formed lasting relationships. One phone call makes him realize some hurts leave lasting scars.

Adam and Tanner Murray have a great relationship, one built on love and trust. Their quiet farmer’s lives get turned upside down when Isaac comes to town. The question isn’t whether they want him in their lives. The question is whether Isaac will let them into his.


Isaac pulled back, ending the kiss to get a good look at Tanner’s face. He studied it for the longest time and Tanner just stood there letting him. “You guys paid my bill, didn’t you?” He finally asked.
“Yeah. We wanted to show you that you didn’t have to take things on yourself. We’re all in,” Adam whispered into his ear. He kissed right below it and Isaac moved his head slightly to make room for whatever Adam had in mind.
“I will pay you guys back. I promise.”
“Just help us start our own bison herd. We’ll work everything else out after we get a good start,” Tanner said.
“I can do that,” Isaac said and smiled. He brought his hand up and ran his fingers through Tanner’s dark hair. It was so soft Isaac could touch it all day.
“Thank you. It means a lot that you guys have had my back. Even when I tried to push you away.”
“It was our pleasure. And if you show us your bedroom, it will be your pleasure too,” Adam said, his lips tickled the skin on Isaac’s neck as he spoke.
“Come on, horn ball, follow me.”  Isaac instantly missed the press of his men’s bodies as they stepped away when he moved.
Isaac pulled his boots off his feet right where he stood. Adam and Tanner watched him the several seconds and then quickly pulled their own boots off. Isaac chuckled at the hurried way they moved.

He started out of the room without waiting for them. He grinned to himself as he pulled his shirt over his head. It landed on the bottom of the steps. He heard one of them groan as he stopped to pull his pants off. He was pretty sure it was Adam. When he walked into his bedroom, he dropped his underwear, standing in the middle of the room completely naked.

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