#MySexySaturday - While You Were Sexy (Includes a Giveaway)

This week the excerpt comes from Leave It All (Saint Lakes #1). Bennett wants nothing more than to be left alone with his boats. When he meets his mate, he finds out he'd to just about anything for him. He'd risk it all for Lucas. For this reason, the excerpt fits this weeks My Sexy Saturday theme.

It's available for Pre-order on all the major seller sites, including Amazon. ARe and Smashwords orders includes bonus material. It's coming out November 10th.


Lucas just wanted to be a normal human being, but normal is highly over-rated.

Lucas Speck had been just some guy who worked at an office supply store and house-sat for his snowbird parents. He was nobody special. Or that’s what he thought before the headaches start and weird things start to happen to him. When people start chasing him his whole life gets turned upside down.

Bennett Somerset is a dragon shifter, who likes his quiet life in his quiet town. He isn’t looking for complications. He already has a family that defines the words, weird and crazy, to perfection. Good thing they live in a small town where nothing ever happens. That is until he smells the most delicious thing in the world and realizes it’s his mate. His little witch of a mate just made things way more complicated.


Bennett growled out a warning to his brother to stay away from his mate.
“What is he? Oh, God, get him away from me before I freak the fuck out and lose my shit.” The man held a hand up in an attempt to stop him. “Seriously, dude. I don’t know what your problem is but I don’t always have control when I’m scared. Kinda like now. I don’t want to hurt you. I’m sure you’re a perfectly nice guy who just so happens to be looking at me like I’m a cheeseburger.”
Forrest took a step closer to Bennett, grabbing his arm. Bennett turned and growled at him, making Forrest back up a step. Forrest tilted his neck to the side in a show of submission which placated Bennett’s dragon just enough to keep Bennett from ripping his brother’s head off.
He turned back to the man in front of him, instinctively holding out both of his hands. He didn’t even know why he did it, just knew this man was a witch and would want to read him. All witches did. It was a comfort zone for them that most witches liked to stay in. His mother had said that it was about knowing who they were dealing with made them feel safe. Giving himself over to the witch was the equivalence of tilting his neck in a show of submission, the way Forrest had with him. Something he would never do under normal circumstances. Hell, Bennett hadn’t even let his mom read him since he had been a teenager. He didn’t submit to anyone but his Alpha. And that was because Ramsey could kick his ass all over Saint Lakes if he didn’t.
Bennett was Ramsey’s beta, so nobody fucked with him. He was also the guy who enforced the clan rules, which meant most of the clan members looked at him with this fearful respect.
Forrest sucked in a breath. “Holy crap. My brother never submits to anyone but Ramsey, Lucas. Take his hand and read him. He’s letting you.”
Bennett turned and scowled at Forrest, not understanding why he was being a commentator in that moment.
 Forrest seemed to read his mind. He explained, “He doesn’t know about this stuff, man. He didn’t grow up knowing he was a witch. He needs you to tell him shit like this.”
Bennett nodded once and turned back around.
Lucas looked at him in surprise and then hesitated before taking his hands. His skin was soft, but cool against Bennett’s. It made Bennett want to draw him in against his body so that he could warm the smaller man, but he held back, letting Lucas do what he had to do to be at ease with him.
“His name is Lucas,” Forrest said from behind him.
“You just called him by that name. I’m not stupid, Forrest,” Bennett said and rolled his eyes.

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