#MySexySaturday - Their Sexy Gaze (GIveaway)

That moment when their eyes lock and both of them experiences that special spark that tells them...this could be the one. Yeah, that didn't happen to Justin and Aiden. Maybe when the first met, but to much history as gone by and now Aiden glares at Justin as if he just ran over Aiden's cat. It's still a sexy gaze, just not the one that Justin would like to get.

Here's a little snippet from Persistent Love (Lakehouse Security #5). (Please enter the giveaway at the bottom of the page. It's for a $10 Amazon GC)

Love refuses to leave him alone.

Aiden Newell knows he’s a coward for refusing to go home, but he doesn’t care. He won’t go back as long as Justin Pollasky is still there. If he goes back, he’ll just fall in love with the man all over again. Justin has loved him and left him the past.

Justin has been trying to get Aiden back for a year and a half, but the man refuses to see him. Every time their teams work together Aiden takes off for parts unknown. When Aiden gets kidnapped by the human traffickers they are trying to put behind bars, Justin gets a little bit crazy with worry. He just hopes he can get Aiden back in time to make things right.


Justin’s hand cupped his cheek and he looked into his eyes for several seconds. Aiden had always thought Justin’s eyes were the best thing about him. They were this dark brown that seemed to suck Aiden up and made him feel things he never did with anyone else. He always wanted more every time Justin looked at him with those eyes. It was as if they commanded him to want things from Justin, but as soon as Aiden took it, Justin pulled away.
Oh, he called it work and not letting his team down, but Aiden knew Justin would always be pulling away from him.
Justin leaned in for a kiss and Aiden gave him a look. One that said he would have Justin’s balls on a stick if he tried. Aiden couldn’t do it this time. He wouldn’t survive Justin walking out of his life one more time. He barely survived the last time. Justin had this look of regret in his eyes when he pulled away.
Aiden felt the absence of Justin’s hand, but looked away so Justin couldn’t see how affected he was by him. He told himself he wouldn’t be this vulnerable if it weren’t for the pain he was in.
He closed his eyes and laid his head back on the seat and nearly jumped at the pain that caused him. He touched the back of his head and felt the wetness then, and the sharp needle-like quality to the pain when he touched it. He pulled his hand away and looked at the blood staining his fingers.

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