My No Good Doings

Oh yeah, I've been beating the crap out of my characters lately. The poor guys.

Demon Elite

I just finished Crash (Demon Elite #1). If you don't know, Demon Elite is a spin-off of the Lakehouse Security Series. I still have to rewrite it, before sending it to the people who tell me if it sucks or not (Most of them anyway).

In this story Elijah, the main character, gets thrown in a cell and beat so severely he needs surgery to repair some of the damage. He also gets shot at. Honestly, I almost feel guilty for putting him through all that torture. Almost.

Hey, at least I have Elijah a savior. And Crash does a great job of saving him too. Crash does other things, sexy things, for him too.

If I actually get this in before my editors kick my ass than it should come out January 1st through eXtasy Books. I'll definitely keep you posted on this and let you know if the date changes.

Saint Lakes

I'm also working on Running out of Moonlight Saint Lakes #2). In this one Sage faces more internal demons. I have to say, this one will be hard to write. It tackles the subject of rape, something I've written about before. Don't worry, I don't show the actual scene, just the scars it leaves. Sage isn't exactly in a place to have a mate.

Sage's mate, Garridan, has some scars of his own. After being imprisoned for years and unable to shift into his dragon form he's not his normal self. All he can think about is bonding with his mate.

Here's a sneak peak at the new cover. Running out of Moonlight will come out February 10th, 2016.

So that's the no good I've been up to lately.


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