Whispered Revelations (The Chronicles Of Darius Book Three 3) by Jess Thomas - Guesting Posting

Thank you Jess Thomas for being my Guest today. For those that don't know she has a book series out called The Chronicles of Darius. Here is a little peek at book 3 Whispered Revelations.

Whispered Revelations (The Chronicles Of Darius Book Three 3) 

Darius, once a lowly slave and whipping boy for his evil adopted father, had his life forever altered when he discovered the Dagger of Destiny in a cave coming back from a battle campaign. Suddenly he and his adopted brothers, Cas and Garrick, have been carried onto a beautiful world where he found Finnal, the man that is the love of his life. But the planet's beauty hides a dark and violent past. The path that destiny holds for Darius and his family is paved with danger, love, laughter, and tears. 
Now, his rise to Interchanger, the ability to change into various animals at will and his strengthening abilities to channel all that is good and light in the universe has captured the attention of the Cold Ones, who are determined to destroy anything good and have vowed to extinguish all that is light. However, Darius is not alone in his struggle against the darkness. The strength of family, the power of love, and the aid of yet unknown friends from across the universe help him battle the maleficent forces on his journey to his ultimate destiny. 

Chapter One

The Bloody One;
A Cold One with an Icy Heart

This wasn’t going to be my day. Most didn’t survive Cold Ones, and this one was one of the worst of their vile race. It took everything that was good, and twisted it. It laughed as I screamed. I knew I needed to get it out of me, what I didn’t understand, was why things like this always happened to me.
 If there was a dark to the light, The Bloody One was darkness. The only thing, the only light I had to hold onto, was that I could hear both the man I love, and also my brother, telling me it was going to be okay. Thank the gods for our connections, and the flickers of love that I could hold onto.
“Get him out of there, Begrat. This one is worse than the one before!” my brother Garrick yelled.
He grabbed Begrat’s shirt and pushed him toward the yellow room. “It won’t work,” Begrat said, as he pulled himself out of Garrick’s frantic grasp.
“Leave my yonggone alone!” Finnal yelled. My lover was frantic, feeling my fear and wishing he were in there with me to protect me.  “Get him out, Tasar!” Finnal shouted, grabbing him by the shoulders and shaking him.
“We can’t. Once the door is shut, only Darius can open it himself.”
“Fix it then,” Finnal pleaded, turning his gaze from Tasar to Chin-Me he said, “You’re a wizard. Open the damn door.”
But Chin-Me’s stance not only told him he wasn’t going to win; it told Finnal that it didn’t matter how much pleading he did, the large wooden door wasn’t going to open.
 “We cannot,” Chin-Me said, sounding very distressed. “We set too many protections in place.”
Hearing the next scream, Finnal ran toward the yellow room in a futile attempt to save me. My screams cried out as though someone was skinning me alive. It hit the rooms and bounced off the walls in a constant reminder that all was not well.
“No!” Finnal cried out, as he grabbed a sword and ran to the carved timber door. He tried to knock the door down, only to be thrown across the room.
“You can’t get to him,” Chin-Me said sadly. “You’re only going to hurt yourself.”
“Through the wall then,” Garrick said desperately. He looked for something, some weapon, anything to hit the wall.
“Garrick, you can’t get him out of the room.” Tasar reminded him for what seemed like the thousandth time. “You can’t get in and I know that look,” Tasar said and sighed. “The window will do the same thing as the door and the wall. The only thing you will succeed in doing, is falling off the roof and breaking every single bone. He’s in that room until it opens up from the inside.” 
Finnal looked away and broke into sobs as his connection to me let him understand the pain I was going through. Siena pulled her brother close to her.
“What good am I as warrior if I can’t protect my yonggone?” Finnal said softly, before he screamed it again.
Garrick shouted out several curse words and pounded the wall with his fists.
“Damn, Finnal. We need him out of there,” Garrick said.
I’m okay brother, Garrick heard in his head, before another scream bellowed out. It wasn’t easy being high protector and hearing another’s thoughts. There was a time when he thought it was funny, but not now. He glanced at Finnal who had the bond and the mark with me; he knew Finnal had a stronger connection. The look on Finnal’s face told all. His eyes watered and he clenched his jaw. The great warrior was crumbling away, one stone at a time.
“Let’s go back to the table, babe,” Ray said softly. Garrick looked at her like a lost little boy.
“It’s really hurting him,” Garrick said. “We need him out of there.”
“Come on, let’s go and have a drink in the great room.” Cas sighed. He put his arm around Garrick’s shoulder and led him back to the great room.
“Why aren’t you more upset about this, Cas? What is wrong with you? Darius is your little brother too.”
“Garrick, look at me, really look at me,” Cas asserted. Cas’s shoulders were tense, his eyes red. His quiet demeanor trembled slightly at the events. He cringed when another scream could be heard from my chamber. I’m sure if Garrick hadn’t been so upset, he would have noticed Cas’s tells. Cas internalized everything, and the mere fact that he was trembling slightly, meant he was at his breaking point. Cas looked away and rubbed his neck to try to get his composure back. Father had destroyed all of us in one way or another. Cas’s hands balled into fists.
“Be a man; never show sensitivity,” Father would repeat in an endless loop. 
“I’m sorry, Cas. I know you’re upset too,” Garrick said quietly.
Suddenly Garrick let out a scream, holding his head at the images that taunted him.
Cas and Ray held Garrick. Garrick had seen war, but nothing like this. There were no words to describe these atrocities.
Inside my room, a creature called The Bloody One actually showed me why he was called that. Members of his vile race could pull out your hidden nightmares and use them against you, and I had many for his use. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to think of happier times.
Walks in the sunshine, I repeated in my head.  Finnal laughing at a silly joke.
A scream had come out of me before I knew it, coming from the very depths of my soul. I dropped to my knees and pleaded for it to stop; an action which the creature found most enjoyable. It would never stop, and I could never plead enough for it to find any type of compassion, because it was malevolent, with a soul as dark as evil.
“Yonggone scream for me,” it cackled, knowing our language and customs. There were times when I really hated that word. ‘My yonggone’ from Finnal, sounded like a child, not an adult man and his mate. The alien threw me against the wall once again, and that thought instantly vanished.
Finnal let out a scream and clutched his head.
“No, no, no!” Garrick cried. “Get him out of that room!”
 “What have I done?” Begrat said uneasily, worried that he’d made the wrong decision.
When he heard the next scream, Begrat wondered if being a king had gone to his head, and he’d ordered me into this nightmare because he still felt like he was a ruler of his people. I was family, why hadn’t he tried to figure out something else? Another scream... he wished he had thought ofanything else.
Chin-Me and Tasar decided to take the next step to save Finnal and Garrick. They believed that their connections to me, in my current predicament, would eventually destroy Finnal, my mate and Garrick, my brother. I’m not sure if it would have, but I didn’t want them to deal with what I was seeing. Part of me wanted, no, needed them there. Moreover, part of me screamed for them to be safe, and I think Chin-Me might have heard that part. Therefore, in a decision that could have caused them to be disowned from the family, or worse, they disappeared and created something that would protect both Garrick and Finnal.
When Tasar and Chin- Me came back into the great room they each gave our family a sad smile. Tasar took a big breath as he held up a glass, and gave Garrick and Finnal a smile.
“Here, boys, drink this,” Tasar gave Garrick and Finnal each a small glass of amber liquid. “I think it will help defend Darius.”
They guzzled it down. They didn’t notice Tasar shifting his feet. The old priest watched as Finnal and Garrick drifted off to sleep.
“What was that?” Siena was worried. Her concern rose as Tasar and Chin-Me exchanged glances.
“What was it?” Begrat asked.
“It had to be done.” Tasar sighed.
“What had to be done?” Cas was worried and asked, “What did you give them?” 
They heard the flat voice of Chin-Me. “We severed their ties with Darius, we had no choice.”
“No!” Siena cried out. “He won’t make it. You have no idea. He won’t make it alone. No!” She ran up to Chin-Me and pushed him against the wall. “What have you done?” Her lip trembled as she broke down and sobbed, running into Begrat’s arms.
“I hate it as much as you, Siena,” Chin-Me said, visibly upset. “But we can’t change the protections. We don’t have the power to do that. We put them in place to protect this planet and the people on it.”
“You forgot one!” Siena screamed furiously.
Those words struck home. It was as though a knife had been plunged into his stomach. Chin-Me instantly felt sick. He glanced at Tasar and wondered if they had done the right thing. He had frequently wished his masters were on this planet  since he’d come to Eiravia. He felt like a schoolboy, unsure of his next step.
“Get out of our sight, both of you,” Begrat’s voice was cold. “Before I forget you’re my friends.”
“Look, if you think that act didn’t kill us inside, you’re wrong,” Chin-Me tried to explain, standing straighter. “They simply couldn’t take the connection any longer, it would have destroyed them.”
“He’s right, Begrat. We were thinking of…” Tasar tried standing taller as his voice trailed off. “Boy, listen to me.” Tasar tried moving in closer. “It wasn’t-”
He was cut off with a wave of the hand. Begrat glared at Tasar and said, “You’ve never had one inside of you. If I hadn’t had my high protector, I wouldn’t have made it. Have you had one inside you?”
“No,” Tasar said quietly.
“Then don’t tell me not to be mad at you. Just go,” Begrat muttered, upset.
Tasar slowly toddled down the long, darkened hallway, feeling dejected. His wooden staff echoed on the floor with each step.
“That actually went better than I expected,” Tasar said quietly to himself and sighed. He walked up to Chin-Me who was waiting for him down the hall. He pulled the tall wizard into his arms and patted him on the back. “Let’s go and talk in your room for a while.”
“I wish I had my high protector now,” Begrat said softly. For the first time in many years, he felt weak and afraid. He listened to the screams and wondered if he’d done the right thing.
“Paden,” Begrat whispered. He shook his head and glanced briefly at his little sister, then sat down on a bench.
“Ask Laykaysos to come here, you need him. I think he will,” Larkspur said holding onto his sleeve.
 “No, Larkspur. He left us to deal with the end of our race.”
“He went to Earth to protect his mate,” Larkspur said, putting her hand on his back and leaning into his embrace. She wondered how long the rift was going to last between her big brothers. It seemed like it had lasted centuries, but she knew in reality, it had only been about sixty years. She missed Laykaysos’s laugh and the way he took charge. Both were stubborn to a fault, and neither would say they were sorry. But this was a time when everyone needed him, and Begrat was too stubborn to let him back on the planet.
“He could have stayed here; he could have tried to find Aiden and Paden. No, I’m not going to let him come here. He chose to stay with Jason’s clan.”
“But, he’s not living with them,” Larkspur pleaded.
“Enough said about Laykaysos,” Begrat cautioned.
Cas put his arms out for his mate. “Come to me, Larkspur. You need to let it go, right now. Everyone is upset enough. We don’t need to get into an argument about your oldest brother.”
“But he should be here,” she insisted.
Cas shook his head no, a single action that told her it was the end of the conversation. Suddenly silence filled the air. The absence of noise was as disturbing as the screams.
“Do you think it’s Chin-Me’s spell?” Siena asked, straining to hear me locked in the room.
“I’m going to ask right now,” Begrat muttered. He ran down the hallway to Chin-Me’s room. “Tell me why we can’t hear Darius?”
Chin-Me didn’t have to say a thing. The look on his face said everything.
“It goes with the spell, doesn’t it?” Begrat asked, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “Gods! What have you done?” he screamed.
“It was the only way, Begrat.”
“There had to be another way,” Begrat murmured under his breath, as he turned to go back to the great room.
No one said a word as they all wondered what horrors were going on behind the large wooden door. When Garrick and Finnal woke, they took a drink before realizing they couldn’t hear my thoughts or see my nightmares anymore.
“Brother?” Garrick looked at Cas.
Everyone had drunk heavily.
Cas got up and squeezed Garrick’s arm. “How do you feel, little brother?”
“Is it over?” Garrick asked, looking at Cas in confusion. “No, wait. He should still be able to hear me, so why can’t he? Darius? Cas? Where is my connection?”
“We had no idea they’d do something like that,” he said, looking miserable.
Finnal looked at Begrat. “What happened?”
“We didn’t know what Tasar and Chin-Me gave you. We thought it might just help you sleep. You were in so much pain that I thought you needed to for a while,” Siena said quietly.
“What was it?” Finnal asked, feeling sick to his stomach. He looked at his family for answers. “Answer me!” Finnal demanded, hitting the table. “What was it?”
“They severed your ties with him,” Begrat said, feeling sick at the thought.
Garrick’s and Finnal’s eyes widened in shock. They were my high protectors. “Then he’s alone in that nightmare,” Finnal said sadly.
Begrat came up to Finnal and put his arms around him. “Yes, he’s very alone.”
“What gave Tasar the right to do that?” Garrick screamed.
Finnal cocked his head, listening for my screams. When he heard only silence, he glanced at Begrat again for answers.
“They silenced the screams too,” Begrat said, looking away, upset.
 Finnal’s body quaked at the very words. I knew how he must have felt by just putting myself in his place, and realizing I couldn’t help him or hear his voice. Our bond was too strong not to make you fall to your knees at the helplessness of the situation, or feeling like it was ripping you in two.
 “He had no right,” Siena said, getting up. She wrapped her arms around her middle until she felt Begrat draw her back toward the fire and the family.
“Finnal, talk to us.” Begrat said.
Finnal looked up, his eyes full of anguish. “He’s alone; you have no idea how bad it is, Begrat,”
“Yes, I do. I wish the hell I didn’t, but I do,” Begrat replied.
“No, you don’t,” Finnal said quietly. “This one is not like most Cold Ones.”
Siena sat down, pulled her brother closer, and let him cry in her arms. In all the years Begrat had known Finnal, he’d seen Finnal in many states: mad, happy, angry, confused, hurt, afraid, and drunk; but never this heartbroken. He listened to Finnal cry as Garrick hung onto Ray, while Cas rubbed small circles on his back for a bit of comfortOur family was falling apart.
 “What have I done?” Begrat sobbed, “What have I done?”

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