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WIP Friday

This week’s one if from Second Pack of Cameron: Tentative Steps Forward, hope you enjoy!

Note: apologies for any and all mistakes as this has come from a first drafting 

Shad couldn’t believe how good Ben looked on the bed, naked, wicked budge that carried his child.
It was something he couldn’t get over. Something he didn’t want to. Not in this life. He was about to be a father and the man giving him that wonder just freed Shad of the stress he’d been feeling over the last couple of months.
His father was trying to run his pack through Shad. Though Shad was pretty sure the man didn’t realise he was doing it. Didn’t matter though, did it? This was his pack. His. And he was going to make sure his father understood that.
But first, Ben.
Ben had and was everything to him, and because of that and his father meddling he was close to losing the only person who would ever be able to put up with him. Ever be able to live as a human again if his mate walked away from him. Took his child away.
So Shad would push the outside world aside for moment—oh he wouldn’t forget. Not now Ben had allowed him to see. He could never forget that.
Ben was beautiful, Shad couldn’t quite believe he was his. That the moon goddess had given him someone so perfectly formed.
He crawled up the bed, hands on Ben’s ankles as soon as he was close enough. There were apparently times when he’d cursed his overly large bed.
His tongue ran against his balls next, Shad eyes had just focused and there they were.
Ben’s hips lifted fast as he moaned deep, his knees whacking against him as he lifted them up to get better movement.
Fingers carded into his hair, pulling Shad closer to him. Ben wanted something in the worse way.
Shifting himself forward, Shad licked the long line of Ben’s cock, loving the dry salty taste of Ben, it wasn’t what he was after but just tasting Ben his skin, it made his balls roll in there sack.
Shad licked at the he’d of Ben’s cock, groaning deep in his throat as pre-come hit his tongue. Ben was delicious.

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