Bronwyn's Interlude - WIP

WIP Friday

Because I promised April

This is a very old WIP file, so sorry for old mistakes and the very roughness.
It’s called In the Dark with a Werewolf, it’s from Moonlit Wolves, I wanna say 10 or 11, depending on if I want to put in a free story before the next arc in the series. Because these guys are the next arc. All new people, and yet you’ll see the old. Everything will tunnel back into the main pack land.

Anyway, it’ll def be awhile till you see theses, though I hope you enjoy a sneak peek into what will be coming *smiles*

“If everyone would follow me,” the tour guide said, but Mitchell was only vaguely aware of it. He’s eyes had caught on one of the other guest for this cave walk and they weren’t giving up the sight.
“Come’on Alex, this is like the tenth time you’ve been down here.” A guy next to him said.
“What’s your point?”
“No point, just wanna know why?” the guy named Alex, the same one that Mitchell couldn’t keep his eyes off, shrugged.
“I like it,” he smiled innocently.
“Yeah, sure, that’s why.” His friend said in a tone that rolled over itself, Mitchell was sure his eyes were doing.
Alex huffed, “well if you know why then why’d ya ask?”
“I wanted you to hear how pathetic you sound, that’s why. Really, Alex, he’s not going to be here.”
Who isn’t? Who was Alex looking for?
A sigh came from him, shifting alone the walls until it caressed Mitchell’s ears. It was pretty pathetic how much the man was worming under Mitchell’s skin and he hadn’t even spoken to him. Hadn’t even gotten close enough to smell the man yet.
“Why did you come if it’s so pathetic?”
The other guy shrugged, “Not much else to do, is there.”
Alex laughed, threw his arm over the other man’s shoulder and knocked their heads together. “No Johnny there really isn’t. Which is why I’m not being that pathetic, I’m not missing my life for this.”
“Just a shit load of money,” the friend, Johnny sighed while pushing off Alex’s arm off him, which was good because a growl was starting to rumble in Mitchell’s chest. His fingers itched from the need to get his arms off that other man.
“Mitchell, mate, you coming?” Tom’s voice snapped him out of the zone with a hard hit to his arm. “What’s up with you?”
“Mate,” Mitchell grunted with a shift of his arm, trying to come get the deadness worked out without too much movement.
“What’s up?” Graeme grunted.
Mitchell looked at him confused, “what?”
“You called,” Graeme replied with the same look.
“No I didn’t, I said mate.”
“Mate as in mate, or mate as in other half?”
“Other half—fuck it, it’s not that hard to understand.”
“Nar mate, it ain’t, but ya gotta pay attention, and who has the fucking time.”
“Shit you two, can you keep the cursing to a minimum in front of the kids?” Tom snapped shaking his head.
“Why, they ain’t your fucking kids, Tom.”
“Dad, hurry, were gonna miss it,” Becky, Graeme’s daughters called. She was cute as a button; she was a little plump—nearing a growth spurt?—with dark brown ringlets that were tied back at the top of her head.
“Yeah, dad,” Steven, Stephan’s 16 year old son said. He was tall and thin, like all kids his age, with a splattering of pimples, that weren’t all that noticeable and a flop of dark hair that hang over half his face. Red skinny jeans and a black top that was bright coloured print on the front. “We don’t wanna miss this.” the words were so dry they were brittle.  “Why are we here anyway?” he muttered.
“Hey kid, blame Mitch for that one, he insisted, we’re just coming along for the ride.”
Mitchell smiled running forward and threw his arms around the kid, “yeah buddy, you’re gonna love this…the dark, tight space…”
“Shut up, dickward,” Steven struggled out of his grip.
“That’s uncle dickward to you, boy,” he laughed.
“Yeah, yeah, dad can’t you get this arse off me.”

And now you’ve seen mine, head over to what April’s got


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