Bronwyn's Interlude - WIP

WIP Friday

This is from a new story I’ve decided to slip into my WIP for 2016 maybe 2017. I’ve not decided yet. This part will probably change, as this is more a…initial thought on the story rather than the story itself. I want to try something different with it. Something that will tick off at least 3 troupes in the romance world (I want at least one book published by me with each type in it. I’m not sure why but I just like the idea).

Anyway, here it just, please remember it’s a rough, quickly to get the two MC’s voices down, draft.

“Mr Clayton, it’s time.” A sharply dressed women spoke from right in front of Aaron. He wasn’t sure if she was there because he’d not acknowledged her or because she felt bad for him, at this point he wasn’t sure he gave two shit. Though that was the problem with a lot of things, he just didn’t care. He was here only because he’d been summoned. It’s the only reason he’d showered and dressed since the funeral. The only reason he interacted with other people and that wasn’t even going well, just a nod in there general direction and move where they wanted him to move.
He didn’t know what he was meant to do.
He didn’t know why he was here. Really, if Patrick’s sister wanted everything than she could have it, Aaron didn’t care anymore.
The lady, he was sure she’d introduced herself but Aaron hadn’t the heart to remember, he’d never had to before and thought he understood he’d need to stop relying on someone who wasn’t there twenty years with his partner had made it nearly impossible for him automatically recall everything around him.
He reached the doorway the same time a group of suits came upon it, each of them a step ahead so he naturally hung back. He didn’t want to be rude or really be seen at all. Which was ridiculous considering they’d all line up on one side of the table and him the other. This wasn’t his first time in the room, but he hoped it’d be the last.
He had high hopes for that, his own lawyer had taken off, told him everything was set and to just sign the papers they gave him. He was pro-bono and apparently only doing it to get so time punched so when a more interesting case came through the dump Aaron like yesterday’s news.
Really, Aaron was better off, the man didn’t like him, always sneering. Aaron wasn’t quite sure if it had been the homosexuality or the submissive ways as he couldn’t demand Aaron take Patrick’s collar off as soon as he’d seen in. Claiming it would undermine the case.
The case was set on the fact that he was a submissive and his dominate had died on a heart attack.
Aaron felt pressure behind his nose and eyes, he took in a breath and tired his hardest to not cry before he went into the room. It didn’t help that being petrified allowed the tears to want to flow more.
He didn’t want to be here.
“Where’s your lawyer?” a tall young man spoke, his hand grabbed Aaron’s shoulder, jolting Aaron, making his eyes flash up to meet the man’s gaze.
Their eyes locked, there was something in them that made Aaron flush and look down. It wasn’t the look in them, no there was nothing but concern and question, but more then way he was looking, the set of his gaze, it spoke to that part of Aaron that no one but another submissive could really understand. Or was he just projecting?
“Mr Clayton?”
Aaron cleared his throat, he didn’t like the man calling him Mister, not while he was touching him or looking at him, or anything really. It made him feel wrong. Old.
“Apologies, may you ask me again?”
The hand squeezed his shoulder, comforting.
“Were is your lawyer.”
“Oh,” Aaron swallowed, why did it feel like a failed that he was walked out on? “He had a more interesting case.”
“Was that what he said?”
“Ah, yes.” He sounded as worried as he felt, the man’s voice had a growl Aaron had only heard when he’d forgotten to make dinner, to lost in his own worlds.
“And what did Mr Trainer advice you to do today.”
Aaron swallowed hard. “Ah, to agree to everything. He said this was just a formality.”
The man growled low in his throat, “Fucking arsehole.”
Fingers ran under Aron’s chin, lifting his face up to look at him. “This isn’t a formality this us in front of a judge who will decide who’s in the right.”
“Oh.” Aaron didn’t have a clue what that meant. Hadn’t they already spoken in front of a judge?
“I can’t believe…” the man trailed off, his head turned towards the room Aaron should already be in, should already be sitting in a comfortable leather desk chair.
“Okay,” he sighed. “Okay.” He looked back down at Aaron. “You go in, sit down and I’ll take care of everything. Okay?”
Aaron nodded, or at least he tried to but his face was being held.
“In you go then.” He smiled and Aaron caught his breath. That’s all he needed to find the boy attractive.

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