What's happening in Pickleville

I thought I'd do a post about what's to come for Pickleville. Coming Back Home (Pickleville #9) is the coming out October 15th. That will be Carter and Seth's story. You might remember that Carter is Jaron and Travis' son. He's all grown up now and as a few scars that will come to light in this book.

After that I intend to write a Christmas story that will feature Jaron and Travis. A Very Pickleville  Christmas will be out December 15th I think. After that I'm sad to say that I'll be leaving Pickleville for a while.

I am moving on to a town called Saint Lakes. Saint Lakes is very different that Pickleville though. This town as all different types of shifters including dragon and water monster shifters. It also as a a couple witches and a few vampires. So look that on November 10th!


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