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Coming Back Home about two men whose love finds each other after years of separation. Their journey isn't smooth the second time around. 
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One huge fight changed Seth’s life forever.

Seth Murray just might be the most stubborn man on the face of this plant. He refused to move back to Pickleville because of one fight with his father. That is until he gets a call saying that his dad has passed away suddenly. The first person Seth thinks about is the one man he gave up because of his stubborn pride. Five years ago, all Seth wanted was to be with Carter. Now he doesn’t know what he wants. And Carter has his own life. One that Seth certainly didn’t see coming when he finally reconnects with the man again. One that revolves around a certain blonde haired, blue-eyed little girl that completely melts Seth’s heart the minute he meets her.


Next to his dad’s truck was another truck that Seth didn’t recognize. He went around his dad’s truck and peeked into the window on the passenger’s side of the unrecognized vehicle, trying to get some idea of who it might belong to. It was an extended cab and he saw a child’s car seat in the back.
“What are you doing?” Adrianna asked, walking up behind him.
“Trying to figure out who this belongs to,” Seth said. He saw a bottle of water in the cup holder in the front and car keys were sitting on the front seat. Whoever it is definitely knew that no one was around to steal the vehicle.
“It belongs to me, Seth,” a deep voice said from behind them.
Adrianna squealed and practically jumped on his back. Seth reached around and placed a hand on her back to steady her, even as he shut his eyes.
A hundred years could pass and he would never forget the sound of Carter’s voice.
“Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you,” Carter said.
Seth opened his eyes and let Adrianna go. They both turned around at the same time and there stood Carter.
“Holy crap! You were totally right. He is perfection,” Adrianna said, her eyes the size of saucer plates.
“You do realize you said that out loud, right?” Seth asked, moving around her and walking towards Carter.
Carter smiled and blushed just a little, which was something new. Carter had always had confidence in spades the last time Seth had seen him. Carter seemed bigger somehow. He filled out more in his chest area. Seth wasn’t sure, but he thought that maybe Carter got taller too.
Seth stopped about a foot from Carter. He looked at the spot on Carters hard chest. Carter reached out and touched his cheek. Seth noticed Carter’s hand shook and he looked up at Carter in surprise. Their eyes met and Carter pulled him against his chest, holding him close.

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