#MySexySaturday - Our Sexy Date

In Repeating Love (Lakehouse Security #6) Mikkel takes Damon are stuck together in a cabin by a lake. The have an attraction to each other, but their circumstances make things awkward for a while. Finally Mikkel decides to ask Damon out on a date. He decides on going fishing, because they can't leave the cabin. Damon is a little out of place on the date, but the city boy gets down and dirty.

What happens when a porn star and a grumpy bodyguard get stuck together? 

Damon Shield used to be a party boy. That was before he got kidnapped by a weird cult though. Even though he was rescued, he’s been in a funk ever sense. When he starts getting texts from his kidnapper, he doesn’t tell anyone, especially not his very sexy bodyguard. He knows he screwed up and made the man a target somehow.
Mikkel Alvarez met the love of his life when he was still a young guy barely out of basic training. His lover died serving his country and he still isn’t ready to move on with his romantic life, even though several years have passed. Damon has been the first man since his lover passed to get under Mikkel’s skin. Not that he was going to do anything about it.

“I’m really a city boy. You know that right?” Damon said even as he got another worm out of the pile.

“Yeah, I figured.”

“I just want to make sure you knew that. Because I might be able to dig through the dirt to get to worms, but I won’t be able to clean fish. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to touch a fish.” Mikkel watched as Damon stood up. “Okay, I didn’t find anymore.”

“I’ll take the fish off the hook and clean them,” Mikkel said. Mikkel put some of the dirt in the bucket, covering up two worms who were trying to find a way out of the plastic contraption.

They moved on to another spot. “Well, I think I want to try to touch a fish. Like with a finger or something.”

Mikkel chuckled. “I’ll teach you what to do.”

“Did you ever go fishing with…?” Damon let his voice trail off as if realizing what he had just said as if regretted it immediately. Maybe he thought he would burst whatever bubble was surrounding them both and cause Mikkel to back off.

“Tony. No, we met right before going into basic training. He probably wouldn’t have liked it, honestly. He had a hard time staying still. Fishing would have driven him crazy.” Mikkel dug a hole in another spot and Damon got right down in there once again, continuing to surprise Mikkel with his willingness to get down and dirty.

Damon chuckled. “I might feel the same way when we put a pole in the water.”

“I think you’ll like it. You don’t have the same attention problems he had.”

“He sounds like he would have been a lot fun.”

“He would have loved you.” Mikkel whispered. Damon looked up at Mikkel. Something passed between them in that moment. Damon had this open expression on his face as if he was welcoming the love Mikkel spoke of. Maybe he was. Maybe ghosts existed and Tony was a part of this moment. 

That’s what it felt like and Mikkel was through questioning what he was building with Damon. Whatever small piece of himself he was holding back, fell into place in that moment.

“Come here,” Mikkel said and Damon stood up, closing the distance between them. Mikkel immediately drew him in for a hug, needing the contact with this man.

“I’m sorry,” Damon said.

“For what, baby.”

“That you lost him. That you’re settling for me.”

Oh God, Mikkel wanted to cry. For the first time in his life he had a hard time holding in his emotions. “No, baby. That’s not true. Please don’t think that. I can’t take that you think so little of me.”

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