Free Read- Private Dancing (A Lakehouse Security Short Story)

Private Dancing (A Lakehouse Security Short story featuring Mikkel and Damon from Repeating Love book #6) by April Kelley

Damon made his way down the stairs and to the kitchen. Zach had Ryan pinned up against the refrigerator, his hands pinned above his head when Damon walked into the room. Damon rolled his eyes. It wasn’t an unusual thing to see, especially with these two. They were constantly going at it and they didn’t seem to care if they were in a common room or not. Some of the Demon Elite guys would even sit down and watch. At least until either Zach and Ryan saw them and moved the party to their room. That could sometimes be a while though.

Damon cleared his throat, which didn’t seem to faze the two guys any. It wasn’t until Aiden walked into the room and said, “Take that somewhere else. I don’t want to see my little brother do that. Especially not where I eat.” Aiden’s lips curled in disgust just slightly, but that was the only outward emotion he showed, until he turned to Damon and rolled his eyes, smiling. Damon smiled back.

Out of all the Newell brothers, he was closest to Aiden, which came as a surprise even to him. Aiden had always shown his support and understanding when it came to his depression. Hell, Damon could talk to Aiden even better than he could talk to Mikkel about that particular subject most of the time. 

Mikkel always wanted to fix Damon’s problems and sometimes Damon just needed someone to listen sometimes and Mikkel had a hard time doing that. Damon understood it completely. Mikkel loved him and wanted Damon to be healthy in the mind.

He was getting there, honestly, but it was a slow train ride up hill most of the time.

Damon felt good today though, and he was going to show Mikkel just how good it felt. And how much he loved Mikkel.

Damon snickered and picked up one of the kitchen chairs. He started out of the room with it.
“What are you doing?” Aiden asked.

Damon turned. Aiden had an eyebrow raised and he was leaning against the kitchen counter. Zach let Ryan go and they both were looking at him.

“I’m taking the chair up to my suite. Mikkel should be home soon.” Mikkel was on a mission at had been for a week and a half. Damon always stayed at the Lakehouse whenever Mikkel was away for longer than a night. It wasn’t a big problem really, since Mikkel and Damon still had a room in the house that was considered theirs, but they didn’t live in the mansion. They had their own house a few miles up the beach.

“Why?” Ryan asked.

Damon rolled his eyes. “Because I’ll need it for later.” Ryan’s brow pinched together in confusion. Damon sighed. “This chair doesn’t have arms, plus it has a high back so I can grip on for leverage if I need to.” When they still looked at Damon like he grew a second head, Damon said, “I’m giving Mikkel a lap dance.”

“Oh, that sounds like fun. Will you teach me a couple moves?” Ryan said, taking a step towards him.
Damon looked from Zach to Aiden and back again. The difference between the two men’s expressions was priceless. Damon cracked up laughing. Zach looked hopeful and eyed Ryan with lust sparkling in his eyes and Aiden looked completely disgusted.

Damon made a gesture with his hand to Ryan once calmed down. “Come on. I’ll teach you a couple tricks to get your man all hot and bothered.”

They started out of the room. “Hey, can I watch you teach him?” Zach said from right behind them.

“No, I want to surprise you,” Ryan said, pushing on Zach’s chest to get him to stay behind.

“If you let me watch, I’ll put dollar bills in your sexy little boy shorts,” Zach said with an evil grin on his face.

Aiden made some noise in his throat and left the room, making Damon laugh.

“I’m not going to wear boy shorts just to practice,” Ryan said.

“Yeah, Mikkel wouldn’t be okay with that either and neither would I. No offense, but I don’t want to see you in your underwear, Ryan.” Damon said as he headed out of the room.

 Zach pulled Ryan against him and kissed him. “I meant when we’re alone and I’m sitting in that chair and you’re all over him rubbing your sexy body on mine,” Zach said softly.

“Um…guys, are you coming or not,” Damon said, waiting for them to stop fornicating in the hallway and get a move on. Mikkel would be back in less than an hour now and he wanted to get things set up.

“Yeah, we’ll be coming. Later,” Zach said and wriggled his eyebrows. “Get it? Coming. Get it?”

Damon groaned and turned, walking down the hallway that led to the stairs. “That was bad, Zach. Really bad.” Damon chuckled, though, because it was also kind of funny.

They made it to his and Mikkel suite without a problem. Zach ended up staying, sitting on the bed and watching Damon teach Ryan how to move.

Damon waved Zach over and told him to sit in the chair. Once Zach complied, Damon said, “It’ll make it easier for you to move against him, instead of just air. Now you can straddle his lap and move against him.” Ryan did this thing with his body that made Damon cringe. “Yeah, not like that. More like this.” Damon did this wave thing with his body to show Ryan.

“Damon, I can’t do that,” Ryan said, sitting on Zach’s lap. Zach’s hands gripped his waist.
“Yes, you can. Use him for leverage. Move against him so that every part of your body touches him but not at the same time.”

Again Ryan did this thing that wasn’t at all what Damon was telling him. Damon shook his head and started over to them. He looked up just right and saw Mikkel leaning in the doorway with his arms folded in front of his chest and an eyebrow raised.

Damon squealed and ran across the room to him. He launched himself at his man. “God, I missed you so fucking much,” Damon said against Mikkel neck. He kissed Mikkel on the neck just taking in his taste and his scent. It was like Damon stopped breathing the second Mikkel left on this mission, which was the longest his man had ever been gone, and now he could breathe again.

“I missed you too, baby.” Mikkel hugged him close and placed a kiss into Damon’s hair. Mikkel said something in Spanish that Damon knew meant my heart. It was something Mikkel had called him right from the start of their relationship.

Damon pulled back and smiled at him. Mikkel smiled back. “Are you tired or hungry? Do you need anything?”

“Just you. Preferably on that bed. Naked,” Mikkel said and kissed him on the lips this time. He deepened the kiss right away, not wasting anymore time. They had already been separated long enough, so why drag things out.

Damon’s prick got hard and he rubbed it against Mikkel’s hard length. Mikkel’s hands worked their way down Damon’s body and gripped his ass, silently telling Damon’ exactly what he wanted. Damon was all for that.

He felt someone brush up against his back and jumped against Mikkel, letting out a muffled scream into Mikkel mouth. Mikkel held him tighter. Damon broke the kiss and turned to see Zach and Ryan leave the room. “Raincheck?”

Ryan held up a thumb, silently telling him yes.

Mikkel lifted Damon up and took a step forward, getting out of the doorway. Damon barely had time to close the door before Mikkel was carrying him across the room. Mikkel laid him on the bed gently, his fingers quickly working up the button on Damon’s shorts. Damon felt Mikkel’s hand on his hot skin, making him moan. God, he missed this man’s touch. He had a lap dance surprise for Mikkel that would be ruined if he didn’t stop Mikkel though.

“Wait, Mikkel,” Damon said and then moaned when he felt Mikkel lick and nip his way around his neck. “Wait. Please. Oh, God, that feels good. I want to do something for you. Please, Mikkel.”

“Yeah, I gathered you’re going to finally dance for me. And I really want you to baby, but I need you too much right now.”

“You’ll have me, I promise. Get naked, get the lube, and sit in that chair,” Damon demanded.

Mikkel grinned and lifted off of him. He pulled his shirt over his head. All that delicious brown skin was exposed for Damon and he licked his lips. Mikkel tossed his shirt on the floor and unbuttoned his jeans, pulling the zipper down. He didn’t waste time after that, but just took his jeans down and off his boxer briefs going with them. Damon moaned when he saw Mikkel’s hard length jet out in front of him.

Damon rethought the whole dancing thing. He really wanted to feel Mikkel’s cock inside him, Mikkel moving in and out, his hard, strength laying on top of him, pressing him into the mattress.

“Oh no, you promised me a lap dance and I’m going to collect,” Mikkel said, his accent got thicker. 

Damon had learned that his accent got thicker when he was horny and Mikkel was horny a lot. 

Mikkel could make love three times a day and it didn’t seem to be enough. The man was one big ball of horny.

Damon took off his shorts, but left the cute red pair of boy shorts he had on. His shirt came next. He walked over to the nightstand where his phone as plugged into the little speaker thing and turned on the loop of songs he wanted. The music beat out and he danced over to Mikkel, his hips bumping to the beat of the music. He turned around, his back to Mikkel. He backed up until he was between Mikkel’s legs. His back was to Mikkel’s front and he rubbed against him, his head against Mikkel’s shoulder.

Damon ground his hips against Mikkel’s cock the head against the crack of his ass. He was sorry he left his underwear on now. He felt pre-cum slick up the small of his back.

Mikkel moaned and grabbed his hips, just resting his hands there. Damon felt Mikkel’s lips and tongue against his shoulder. “Damon. You’re so good at this. Too good. I need you, baby.”

Damon rolled his hips on last time before he lifted off of Mikkel and took just one step away before hooking his thumbs in the waistband of his boy shorts. He pushed them down bending at the waist. His ass on display for Mikkel. Damon felt Mikkel hands gripped his ass cheeks, kneading him even as he swayed his hips forward and then back again, moving to the beat of the music.

Damon had stretched himself before he went to get the chair in the kitchen, but that had been over an hour ago. He felt Mikkel’s finger enter him, his finger slick with lube. Damon moaned and moved against the finger in his channel.

Mikkel added another finger and Damon turned around, all pretense of dancing completely gone, not that he was really dancing to begin with. More like rubbing himself against Mikkel. Damon straddled Mikkel’s lap. He gripped Mikkel’s cock with one hand and placed it against his opening and Mikkel’s fingers.

Damon waited for Mikkel to withdraw his fingers and then sank down slowly. He gripped Mikkel’s shoulders and his head fell back. “Yeah. That’s what I needed.”

“Me too, baby.” Mikkel’s lips were against his neck, his tongue licking at his adam’s apple.

Damon felt Mikkel’s legs against his thighs and he stayed like that for just a minute, trying to get used to Mikkel’s length inside him after a week and a half of its absence. He brought his head down and kissed Mikkel’s lips once and then twice. Damon deepened the kiss, lick at the seam of Mikkel’s lips even as he lifted up until only the head of Mikkel’s cock was in his ass. Damon sank back down again and then came back up.

Mikkel gripped his hips, holding him in place as he fucked up into Damon. Damon broke the kiss, then, needed as much air as he possibly could get. “Oh, yeah. Right there, Mikkel,” Damon babbled out. He couldn’t help it. Mikkel pegged his cock.

Damon reached down and grabbed a hold of himself, jacking himself off to the pace Mikkel set. The sounds of flesh slapping together and their panting moans was all that could be heard for the longest time.

“I’m gonna. Oh God,” Damon cried out his release. His cum getting all over Mikkel’s stomach, dripping down his abdominal muscles and into his pubic hair. Damon’s ass clamped around Mikkel’s cock and Mikkel’s movements faltered. Damon tried to take over, but it was difficult, way too much pleasure after coming so hard.

Mikkel’s arms came around Damon, pulling him down against his chest. Damon slumped against him, letting go of his cock and putting his arms around Mikkel as much as the chair allowed.

“I’m glad your home,” Damon whispered against Mikkel’s chest.

Mikkel chuckled. “Me too.”

Damon slapped him playfully. “Not just because of that, you perv.”

“That lap dance was much better than the one I got at the strip bar last night,” Mikkel said.
Damon reached up and tweaked his nipple.

“Ouch! Kidding.”

“So not funny.”

Mikkel chuckled. “I don’t want anyone else but you, baby. You know that.” Mikkel kissed the top of his head.

“Yeah, I know.”

“Seriously, though. You’re really good at that. You might have changed my mind about taking you out dancing at the club.”

Damon lifted up and smiled. “I like the private dancing better.”

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