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WIP Friday

This week I’m in the middle of making myself finish the first draft of the second book in my Encounter Space series. and that’s me saying that I want it done by the time this goes live. so it seems an appropriate time to share a bit with you

Title: Outside Sanity

Remember it’s a first draft. Completely unedited

Mita sat on the corner of the bed. His eyes were on the glass looking out at the universe. Had he been there long? If John were to guess he’d say yes.
Those eyes turned on John. They were beautiful. At least he’d have something nice to look at.
Realising he needed to get this over with. John strutted towards the man. His body rolled with each step just the way he’d been taught and his mind drained from his body, from this moment and went…somewhere. John wasn’t sure where it wasn’t like he thought of something else, or became something else, he just didn’t allow his mind to remember what was happen. To not be alarmed at anything that happened. He simply existed as a vessel until everything was over and the part of his mind that thought deep thoughts could turn itself back on again.
The thing was master wanted interaction. They generally didn’t care about the hollows they were looking into but if he wasn’t or didn’t do something when they commanded they woke up back up, so to speak, and he’d have nightmare from what they’d do with his body.
He’d learnt to just turn of deep thought. It was the only way he’d not been completely broken yet.
Are you sure you’re not?
No. not really. 
He blinked up at the alien, there was no way he’d be able to remember his name, not like this, and allowed the prettiness of his eyes seep into him, plumping up his cock for use if needed. Some of them liked his to come. They were the worst.
The alien blinked down at him, lust danced around in his eyes heating John up, making his toes curl again themselves. He’d never felt anything like it before. Like he generally wanted to give himself to the alien. Like he was there, on his knees, because he wanted to be and not because the bastard had bought him.
Then again this one hadn’t bought him…
Claws scrapped against his shoulders along the top of his back. John moaned, his hips rocking, his eyes blinking.
Oh. His tongue moistened his lips and came away disappointed that it only tasted like him, though there was something there, the soap maybe, that for just foreign enough to get this teeth involved scrapping across the plumpness.
Mita’s palms ran against his neck, one cupping his jaw lightly the other ran through his hair, seemed fascinated by the strands as he looked his fill of John.
His skin flush a darker [inset colour] then it had been before and his feet shifted next to John’s knees bumping into them before quickly pulling away.
A tingle started against his back, as Mita leant forward and took a deep smell of John’s hair. John’s own noise was filled with a rawness of Mita and the freshness of himself.
John’s skin felt tighter against his bones as his cock throbbed out a drool of come, the hot liquid felt heavy on the tip before becoming too much and sinking to the ground. John felt it all as he’d not remembered the last time he’d been generally turned on and by himself. Not an inhansment.
The memory had John shying away. His cock deflated some as his body chilled.
“John?” Mita seemed to have come to himself then, pushing back into the bed and letting go of him.
“What I’m not good enough now?” John’s heart ached with abandonment. He wasn’t good enough, finally he found someone that made him want to be where he was and he wasn’t good enough. Wasn’t what Mita had hopped for?
“No!” Mita’s voice was loud, ricocheted against the walls. Clawed nails pinched the skin behind his ears making him wince and Mita to lighten the touch.
“No, John you are… you’re like nothing I’ve seen before. But you are not my slave and I don’t want to do anything with you that isn’t freely given.”
“But it is.”
The look on Mita’s face echoed mirrored his own heart. “You aren’t.”
They paused. A long pause that was all gazes and heartbeats and fingers still caressing—Mita’s on his face, neck. John’s on Mita’s arms.
Then Mita shook his head before moving away. “Here, I bought you food.”
“Oh.” John looked at the tray and his stomach rumbled. He could eat.
Mita chuckled. “You going to sit up here or eat on the floor.”
“Ah…” John felt the heat hit his chest his neck and checks. It was unconfutable but he…he didn’t want to suffocate.
“What’s wrong?”
“Ah, I’ll eat down here, nearly the window, if that’s okay.”
“’Course, it’s your food eat wherever you want.”
John nodded as he backed away, with some reluctances mind you, and ended up against the window. He lined it over here. Where he could see the whole room as well as the rest of the universe.
Food in front of him, delivered by Mita as he crouched down next to him. John picked up what he assumed was fruit. He was sure he’d eaten it before. And popped it into his mouth. It was good.
“Um,” Mita cleared his throat after John moaned around the second helping.  “Ah, I’m just going to go get you something else to wear.
“Oh, okay.” John didn’t really want the man to leave but it wasn’t like he was going to beg him to stay. “Ah, I’m just across the hall three doors to your left. I won’t be long.”
John nodded and bite into a different bit of food that was a little sore but nice enough. He watched Mita leave the room. The man had a nice back, long straight and a butt that looked similar to his own. A lot about Mita was similar to himself except the claws and colouring, okay similar enough that he’d not really noticed. However he’d been around the block enough that he wasn’t sure if Mita was more like him, or just that hed seen aliens of Mita’s level around more.
Not that it mattered, John had never not liked it when an alien left him. So the novelty in that kept him company as he eat his food, watched the stars and waiting to see what was going to happen when Mita came back.
Would he come back? He’d have to be pretty disappointed with John.
He wants your arse, he’ll come back. You know they don’t leave you alone until they get what they want. Man he could be a whiny bitch sometimes, but he did have a point.
“Your right.”

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