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Friday Post

April Kelley and I have released an ebook collection of our free short stories. It is only available on smashwords or via emailing

This collection of short stories has been put together as a sampling from MM romance authors April Kelley and Bronwyn Heeley

You will see everything from contemporary to paranormal, with a touch of fantasy and sci-fi added for your enjoyment. The couples are hard, hot and ready for anything be it two in the bed or three.

Jump into an adventure of hope, lust and love that will last a life time

Stories include:
Gotta Start Somewhere by Bronwyn Heeley
Hunted by Bronwyn Heeley
Hide and Seek by April Kelley
Private Dancing by April Kelley
My Outside My Inside (2nd edition) by Bronwyn Heeley
Ghost of Swamp Creek by Bronwyn Heeley
Being Neighborly by April Kelley
A Road Worth Travelling, part 1 by Bronwyn Heeley


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