And you thought Lakehouse Security was finish

Not a chance! I'm not letting those hunky soldiers go that easily.

If you've read the series than you know Justin has a big team and all those men need stories. So coming in January to Exasy Books will be a spin off series called Demon Elite. Demon Elite is the name of Justin team of Assassins. There are fourteen guys on the team and all of them are different and special in there own way.

Crash (Demon Elite #1)
If you recall Elijah was rescued in Locke's Love (Lakehouse Security #4) and then he sort of just fell off the face of the earth, or so it seems. Well, book one will be his story. We'll learn more about why he did what he did and I'll introduce you to Crash. He might look like he'd bite, but inside he's a big softy. Crash is a big bald guy with lots of tattoos.

Germ (Demon Elite #2)
So book two will be about the nerdy little computer geek named Germ. He's ordered by Justin to look in to the background of a man named Sidney Marshall. Sidney is hired to assassinate Justin and the Justin wants to get one step a head of the guy. Germ finds so much more than he bargained for when he discovers who Sidney Really is.

The rest of the series you'll have to wait and see. Even I don't know the rest of the teams stories. I can tell you their names though. So here's a list.



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