A Very Newbie GRL (With Giveaway)

As I'm sure you know, I went to GRL as a supporting author and had a great time. San Diego was beautiful and very different from my little part of the world. I especially liked meeting so many great people. I went with one of my best friends so that made it so much easier.

I even fangirled a little. Yes, authors fangirl too.

So here's the main things I learned about GRL:

1. Everyone was just as introverted as me. Or almost everyone. Like 90% of the people attending the conference. We are all readers and writers after all, so this kinda came with the territory. Knowing that everyone was as nervous about meeting so many people as me made it a lot easier to approach them. If you're going next year or in the near future I suggests just going for it. People were so kind to me and were willing to talk.

2. I was not prepared for the amount of swag and books I had to bring. I would give myself a D+ in this area. Knowledge is power and next year, if I get to go as an author again, I'll get an A+.

3. Most importantly, I had a great time!

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