The Men of Pickleville (Book 8)

Caden Flynn

Caden Flynn was barely out of kindergarten when him and his brothers took him away from his father, raising him on their own. While his bothers aren't perfect they did do the very best they could for Caden and gave them everything they possibly could. He meets Robyn through a mutual friend when Robyn is all beat up. They become fast friends and that quickly escalates to boyfriends. Caden knows his brothers can't afford to send him to college so he joins the miliaty to have them pay for it. His story picks up when he comes back home for good.

Robyn Heath

Robyn Heath has never had an easy life. His biological family have always been abusive people, both physically and verbally. When he's a teenager he goes and lives with his Grandmother in Pickleville. He gets in trouble with drugs there and gets caught in the middle of a rape case. The Chief of Police, Andrew Martinez, sees something in him that no one else has and gives him a chance that changed his life foreever. He goes to live on the Heath Farm, allowing him to clean up his act.


Helen O'Hara said…
My two favourite days of the month are the 1st and the 15th. by about the 25th and the 10th, I'm starting to get a bit antsy waiting for your books the be ready for download. So looking forward to this book.
April Kelley said…
Thank you so much for reading! :-)
April Kelley said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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