Repeating Love (Lakehouse Security #6) Excerpt

Coming October 1st to Extasy Books


What happens when a porn star and a grumpy bodyguard get stuck together?

Damon Shield used to be a party boy. That was before he got kidnapped by a weird cult though. Even though he was rescued, he’s been in a funk ever sense. When he starts getting texts from his kidnapper, he doesn’t tell anyone, especially not his very sexy bodyguard. He knows he screwed up and made the man a target somehow.
Mikkel Alvarez met the love of his life when he was still a young guy barely out of basic training. His lover died serving his country and he still isn’t ready to move on with his romantic life, even though several years have passed. Damon has been the first man since his lover passed to get under Mikkel’s skin. Not that he was going to do anything about it.


He was over thinking this. It was just breakfast. He looked around for a vase and found a small one under the sink. He set that on the tray with the plate of food and grabbed his gun off the counter. He walked over to the door. He had noticed some wild flowers just outside the cabin a few yards away when they had first arrived yesterday. Mikkel slipped on some shoes and walked out the door.
He had the flowers in no time and was walking back to the house when he noticed Damon on the front porch. He had his arms folded around his middle as if his stomach hurt. He was frowning at first, but then he smiled. That smile turned into a chuckle.
Mikkel smiled back as he headed up the stairs. “Are you laughing at me?” Mikkel asked and the words came out a bit harsher than he had meant them to so Mikkel leaned down to kiss Damon on the cheek when he got close enough. Damon’s arms opened up as if letting Mikkel in. Mikkel sighed in relief.
“No. You look like this bad ass, tough guy most of the time and then here you are in sleep pants with a gun in one hand and flowers in the other. It’s very out of character and also really cute.”
Mikkel leaned down, his cheek touching Damon’s. “Not out of character when I think about you,” Mikkel whispered into Damon’s ear.
Mikkel pulled back. Damon gaped at him like a fish for a full minute before leaning forward and kissing Mikkel’s cheek.
“These are for you,” Mikkel said, handing him the flowers. Damon took them and smiled.
“I’ve never been given flowers before or had anyone make breakfast in bed for me.”
“I’ll have to keep trying for the in bed part of that equation.”
Damon smiled. “Sorry I ruined your plan.”
“I’m not. I like being out here with you.”
“We could eat out here,” Damon suggested. He walked back in the cabin, walking across the room to the kitchen. He took the vase off the tray and walked over to the sink, filling the vase with water. He put the flowers in and then turned to put the vase back on the tray.
Mikkel followed him in and then watched him silently. Damon had put on a t-shirt and it was tight. It hugged his leanly muscled chest perfectly. He had a compact little body and Mikkel wanted to explore every inch of it with just his mouth.
“Well?” Damon asked him.
Mikkel wasn’t sure what Damon was trying to ask. He hadn’t been paying attention to anything but the way Damon moved and mentally stripping him naked, imagining what he looked like. “What?”
“Should we eat outside?”
“Oh, right. Yes, of course. That sounds like a great idea.”
Damon gave him an odd look and then he smiled in that shy way he only did for Mikkel. “What were you thinking about?” The way he said the words suggested he already knew what had been running through Mikkel’s mind. The fact that he knew it was in direct contrast to that shy look.
“I’m going to put on a shirt,” Mikkel said and started towards the bedroom. He didn’t think they were ready to do any of the things running through his mind.
“Mikkel,” Damon said to get his attention.
Mikkel turned to look at him. There was something in Damon’s eyes, some sort of insecurity that Mikkel had just put there. Mikkel crossed the room to him and didn’t stop until he had Damon’s face in his hand, cupping his cheek. He stared into Damon’s eyes for several seconds before tilting Damon’s face up to meet his. When their lips connected, there was none of the slow affection of the first little peck. This time it was like an explosion of passion. Mikkel set the gun on the counter without breaking contact and drew Damon closer, meshing his body with Mikkel’s. Mikkel licked at the seam of Damon’s lips, silently asking him to open for him and Damon complied. Damon’s arms went around him, his hands were warm against Mikkel’s bare skin.

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