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Love refuses to leave him alone.

Aiden Newell knows he’s a coward for refusing to go home, but he doesn’t care. He won’t go back as long as Justin Pollasky is still there. If he goes back, he’ll just fall in love with the man all over again. Justin has loved him and left him the past.

Justin has been trying to get Aiden back for a year and a half, but the man refuses to see him. Every time their teams work together Aiden takes off for parts unknown. When Aiden gets kidnapped by the human traffickers they are trying to put behind bars, Justin gets a little bit crazy with worry. He just hopes he can get Aiden back in time to make things right.

Justin got out of the truck and grabbed their bags from the back. He came around to the passenger’s side of the truck just as Aiden was getting out. Justin tried to take his arm, helping him just in case he got dizzy. Aiden wrenched his arm out of Justin’s hold though. “I got hit on the head, not Parkinson’s Disease. I can walk on my own.”

“I just want to take care of you.”

“Yeah, because you always stick around for that. Not that I need that from you,” Aiden said and started towards the cabin. “Just so we’re clear. I don’t need you back in my life. I don’t even know if I want you back either.”

“I know that, baby.”

Justin followed behind him, watching his ass in those jeans. Aiden stopped when he reached the door and held out his hand to Justin. Justin smirked at him and gave him his keys, holding out the right key for Aiden. Aiden took it and unlocked the door.

“Do you remember the last time we were here,” Justin asked with a smile.

“Yeah, you had to leave for a job early. I had to call Xander to come get me because you had to leave right away. You didn’t call or come back around for two months,” Aiden said as they walked in the door.

Justin had inherited the cabin after his dad died. His father hadn’t been able to leave him anything but this cabin. It was enough, though Justin didn’t get here often enough.

“The last time I was here, I was with you,” Justin said, setting their bags down on the floor by the door. He paid a local girl to come out and clean the place every now and then. She was kind enough to stock the kitchen with provisions before they came.

“How many guys have you brought here?” Aiden asked even as he lay down on the couch.
“Just you, baby. You know I’m not a cheater,” Justin said. Justin lifted Aiden’s legs and sat down on the couch, putting them on his lap.

“I don’t know anything about you. Other than the little scraps you give me. I’m like you’re fucking dog, Justin. You could have a wife and three kids for all I know,” Aiden said, putting his arm over his face.

“That’s a bunch of shit and you know it. How many years have we been together?”

“If you add all the times that we’ve spent in each other’s presence, then probably about one year.” Aiden said not looking at him.
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