Crafty Tuesday - What To Expect From Publishers

So last week I said to keep writing and that is certainly what you should do. However, it's a good idea to take into consideration the steps your publisher will need you to take after you sign that contract, as you'll need to plan your schedule accordingly. I say this because not every writer likes to be interrupted by an email asking them to approve cover art or edits, and whatever else they might need from you to see that book all they through to the bookshelf.

If you're one of these people then you certainly need to know what sort of timeline your publisher is on. The best thing to do is ask the EIC (Editor in Chief) or another author that's been with the company longer. Ask questions. Coordinating your schedule with what the publisher needs from you is the best way to create your own schedule and allow you to keep up that writing flow.

What will the publisher need from you?

1. Editing. This could take one day or one month, depending on you and your book. It will take longer if it's your first book.

2. Cover Art. This is the fun part, getting to see the book you wrote in one image.

3. Galley Copy. This is just the final copy before it goes to the proofreader. Little word of advice here, read the book again. Catching all those errors is a must, so just do it even though you're probably tired of the book by now.

4. The proofreader is the final person that gets your book. If you need to, you can also read the story again at this stage, just to be sure all the little oops are taken care off.

So everything else the publisher does. But these four steps they'll need your help with.


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