Crafty Tuesday- Self-Publishing -What you'll need to consider

Self-Publishing is a grey area for me still as I've never done in before. In fact, I'm about halfway through writing the first book I plan on publishing all by myself. Well, not all by myself. Anyone who has self-published before knows that they don't do this all by themselves. There are several people who will help you along the way. Most, if not all, you'll be paying for their help as a matter of fact. But more about that in a minute.

First, I'd like to just say that I'll post about my experiences in this venture as they happen. By the time I'm finished you'll know what I did right and what I did not so right. Hopefully, it'll be helpful information to consider if you plan on going the self-publishing route.

Okay, back to the people who will help you. Right now, I've already lined up an editor. This the most expensive thing to have in this whole adventure so I wanted to make sure I had somebody all ready to go, who was familiar with my work. I'm lucky that way because I'm already traditionally published so I have a backlist I can refer to when hiring someone's services. Sort of a resume of sorts. If you don't have a backlist, my recommendation is to start talking to your favorite authors about editors. Just see who they recommend who might be taking new clients. Not all do, so keep that in mind. And if you're not a reader and don't have favorite authors then you have a lot more work to do than you originally thought. Get reading!

So the second person to help you out would be the cover artist. I'm doubly lucky because I have a very good friend who happens to be a cover artist as well as an author. She's also been self-published so I can ask questions if needed. Here's a link to her blog if you're interested in her cover art. A website will be coming soon that will display all of her services. Her company is designed to help authors self-publish. It's called BonyDee. I'll post more about it with links and all the services she provides in a later post.

This is just one of the covers she designed for me.

The next person that will help me will be a formatter. I actually plan to figure this out myself but again BonyDee will also help with that if I need her too.

After this, even I'm not sure. I suppose I'll need an uploader or this maybe another area where I decide to do it myself.

I'll let you know how it goes for me as i delve deeper into this grand adventure.


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