Crafty Tuesday - Keep Writing!

Last week I talked about how to submit something to a publisher and I'd like to talk about that a little bit more. Now like I said last week all publishers should have a submission button on their website somewhere. When you click the button it will tell you how to format your manuscripts. By formatting I mean what font they prefer and the size. Most want Times New Roman and they want it to be 12 point. They'll also tell you how to send it. Most want the manuscript emailed to them. Some publishers want a synopsis of your work. Make sure you include every single thing they ask for.

Also, read the entire submission page! Don't skip anything. The reason why I say this is because publishers will reject you work if it has certain content in it. Don't waste their time submitting something if it includes an element on the 'will not publish list'. The acquisitions editor may remember you if you try to submit something else and they'll automatically reject you the second time around. So read carefully and submit the way they ask you to submit. 

Okay, I really just felt the need to say that. Now that I got that out, I'll like to talk about what I did after I submitted.

I'm a very organized person when it comes to my schedule. I have a huge planner open to the right week and I write everything in that thing. It's my precious and I'd be lost without. Why do I bring this up you ask? Well, its because I marked in my planner who i submitted to and what. I also marked what their time frame was. On Extasy Books website they say they'll get back to a new writer in three weeks. So three weeks from the date I submitted I wrote a reminder in the calender. This way I would remember to send a follow up email. Yes, it's okay to send a follow up email ONE time. 

All publishers are different. Some take as little time as three weeks, others take three months. Most publishers will have a time frame on the submission page, but if they don't than it's okay to ask. 

Okay, so I submitted my book, now what did I do? I wrote my little heart out. I just started working on the next thing. For me this kept the impatience and nervousness down. If the publisher you submit too takes three months to get back to you, you certainly don't want to waste all the time. If you're like me and are trying to make a living doing this than keep writing!

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