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Because this is the only thing I’ve been working on lately (I’m at 10K) I thought, well, it couldn’t hurt you guys seeing some more of my m-preg2

Title: Tentative Steps Forward
Series: Second Pack of Cameron 2

Note: completely unedited.

“Okay Ben how far along are you know?” Paige asked, a book in her lap, pen hovering above it.
“Um…what twenty weeks.” Ben startled himself by that number. Had it been that long, really?
“Shit.” She gasped, Ben knew enough to know it was sarcasms, they’d been through this every day and though Ben knew she knew everything she was about to ask, she felt the need to ask anyway. What could they say she was a historian and this was history in the making. Paige just wanted everything documented, and because Ben was a nice person he allowed himself to be the test subject so that future pregnant males knew what they were up against.
“Yeah yeah, not hold still daddy,” Kade said as he twisted Ben into the same position he had to stand in every night. They’d marked it out on the floor in the room he’d been having the baby. It was the room he’d been getting all his monitoring by the midwives that came in from the first pack.
“Any new symptoms?” she asked as Kade snapped off his photos
“Ah, I’m making out a claw when he pushes at my stomach now.”
“That’s awesome.” Kade smiled, seeming to like the idea of Ben and his pregnancy even if he wasn’t allowing his own mate to touch him just in case there was a remote possibility of him ending up like Ben.
“Yep,” Ben felt his lips move into something sappy. He knew it, but he couldn’t help it, just like the fact that he was now running his hand against the swollen abdomen.
“Anything else?” Paige continued.
“Ah, no, not that I can think of.”
“Its really only been a week since we were last here,” Kade noted as he shifted Ben to another position.
“Alright now let’s get some measurements.”
“Let’s.” Ben rolled his eyes and waited the nano-second for Kade to finish his photo before his elbows into his armpits, and tried not to winch as the cold plastic hit his stomach. He didn’t know why it always startled him, but it did.
Paige pushed into the top of his lump, feeling around for where the top is and then she did the same at the bottom. Ben felt the pressure on his bladder. He’d deal with it. Ben didn’t want to be rushing off to the toilet right this second. It was already embarrassing having to go every time he walked down a hallway.
“Thirteen inches,” Paige said as she let the tape go and took notes.
“That’s normal?” Ben asked which Kade just as interested.
“Ah….I’ll have to check with the midwives but I guess so.”
“What you don’t know, then what’s the point?” Kade came to the result, loud and just a tad in your face.
“To learn, my dear boy,” she replied without looking up from her notes. “I found a new book today but can’t rea it.”
“What? Aren’t you meant to be whiz as history buff?” Kade pushed.
“Yep.” She didn’t bite. “But this is different. Not our old language.”
“It’s weird.”
“That’s what I thought. It’s real different too.” She kept on going. “The leather is…harder and the script. More like a note book then something official.”
“But aren’t a lot of what you’ve been reading dairies and such,” Ben inquired as he pulled his shirt back over his head.
“Yes and no. this seemed more official then a diary. More like this,” she pointed at her own notes but lifting them up and shaking it about. “It has a feel of importance but I don’t know the language.”
“Sucks.” Kade and Ben both said.
“Anyway,” Paige shook herself out of whatever her musing took her. “Ben, up on the scales. We’ll get you weight and then head towards the kitchen. Dinner should be ready soon.”
“Sounds good, I’m getting hungry, and if I’m hungry Ben’s gotta be starving.” Kade laughed.
“Yeah, yeah, wanker, you still eat more often than I do.”
“Yes but unlike you, my dear friend, my intake is so I can keep the muscle mass and therefore allows me to stay looking like the god I am.”
Ben rolled his eyes. “I have no idea why Max keeps on bothering with you. Clearly there isn’t enough room for anyone else with that ego of yours.”
“On the contrary, it shows the man has excellent taste.”
Ben chuckled as he stepped off the scales and started for the bathroom. His need to pee had become so extreme he was as the point of needing to pink his piss-slit closed.
On the way passed Ben patted his best friend on the shoulder, their gaze locked, message given and received.
Once he was finished and out of the bathroom, the other two were ready to leave, and they all headed towards the kitchen.

And not got see what April’s showing off this week


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