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WIP Friday

This is another one of those stories I started and I’m not sure I’ll ever get back to, though I really hope I do. It came from a submission call, thought it was a cool idea, shifter cops.

Anyway, here it is and please remember this is a first draft, which means it’s completely unedited

David pushed himself past the thick crowd, irritation ate at him, making him growl as people tried to push him back. Apparently having on a uniform means nothing when there was a mutated body to look at, photo, stream on line.
The yellow tape came into his line of sight allowing him to push back the need to get physical with the general public. It wasn’t something he wanted to do again, not if it meant being suffocated in this uniform.
He hated patrol, which was probably why they kept on pulling him in a car whenever he crossed the line.
“Dav, mate, we need your… advice,” Calvin said as David ducked under the tape.
The way people saw the world had changed a bit over the last decade, it didn’t mean that everyone was comfortable with the fact about the world, but it made being in uniform different.
“That’s why they called me.” David grunted as he tried to shake off the feeling of the crowd behind him , he hated the scents they’d all left on his uniform as he shifted through them. He just hoped he didn’t miss anything because of it.
Shifter’s had become a normal fact in the force, they weren’t accepted by the public, or not all of them, but things were moving along, and just because some had loud mouths didn’t mean the courts didn’t take a shifter at their words, and there noises.
But it was more than that, David and his fellow shifters—there was six in all in the CBD, one in each branch. It was more than just smelling what was happening on the victim, it was about seeing evidence that human cops couldn’t pick up, or would have to take weeks in labs to find. They were about pinpointing information. The smell of a drug on the blood, a scrap of hair on the ground nearby.
He didn’t think he was better at being a cop because he was a shifter, no he was arrogant enough to have that on his skills alone, but being one probably helped guide him into homicide, and allowed him better and faster access to the field that human underlings wouldn’t have.

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