Bronwyn's Interlude - WIP (Moonlit Wolves Series)

WIP Friday

If you’re a Moonlit Wolves fan here’s a short snippet from that. I’ve just restarted it so it’s a mess; really, this is the only part that’s a solid story. 

Title: Picturing My Werewolf

This one is inside the first arc, which is what you’ve already read. This goes back to that car racing off down the road. It may or may not have a bigger back-story, that all depends on what’s happening with this one and what needs to be said. Saying this, there’s a lot that needs saying in this one. Hell, the next two have LOTS to say, it’s why I’m staling so hard on them

Remember it’s a first draft, not edited

The boyfriend, because James couldn't really bring himself to call him anything else, must have just left, because Luke was cleaning. His hands were bright red from the water in the skin, steam still rising out of the bubbled, though the rack was full.
His biceps popped out as he vigorously whipped at the clean bench top, getting rid of germs that were there. or at least germs that James could see, he had no doubt all Luke saw was blood and guts splattered against the top, the 'boyfriend' was a piece of work, and James wanted nothing more than to pack Luke's shit and take him away.
Only he couldn't.
James wished the 'couldn't' came more from the boyfriend chasing them wherever they went and not from Luke wanting to stay. 

Here’s something else, a little bonus, even worse edited the above, but what WILL be in the story, when I get to the point (pist, there’s a reason I made it the end of the sex scene and not the beginning)

Pulling off the thin latex come bag, James gript the end and twilled the fucker around a few time, making sure no matter what he did with it, it wasn’t going to spill his come all other the place. As he did this, he got up off the bed and headed for the bathroom that was just off the hallway in his mates’ house.
Wrapping the condom in a few pulls of toilet paper, James dumped the condom in the bin that hid slightly under the skin, letting it sit there with the used tampons and other paraphernalia females seemed to need to use in a bathroom.
Did he mention how much he hated condoms? They took up way to much of his fucking time.
Wet cloth in hand, and a need a knowledge that he needed to go and get tested so he was six months closer to getting to fuck his mate bear.
Walking into Luke’s room, James shut the door behind him and took in a deep breath. He pulled in the heavy scent of Luke and sex as he crossed to the bed and looked down at the now, steady breathing, and normal coloured man. Miles and miles of bear tattooed skin meet his gaze.
“Man, dude, you got come everywhere,” James chuckled as he saw the damage there fun had created. Luke’s better was sticky with thick spots of dead come. There were parts on his mates face, a few lines, that had made it that far—ones that would clearly have spiked fear into some women’s eggs if they had come near them.
Why the fuck was he thinking about a chick so much?
James shook his head. Must have been that bathroom. Hell, he really did take in too much of his older sisters words as they talked about their lasted fuck fest, if this is what he thought about when cleaning up a man’s come.
When Luke was all clean James moved around so that he could quickly take care of the come that made it to the quilt that they had fucked on. One swipe of his own knee as he realised he’d been kneeling in one parch he got up to take the cloth back.
“just throw it on the floor,” Luke said, his normally smooth voice held a rough edge, that made James want to shout with pride, since he was the one that put it there.
Tossing the cloth onto the floor, as close to the door as he could get, James helped with the blankets as Luke seemed to want under than without actually having to move, which was cute, especially seeing as Luke was a 6 foot 2, nearly 30 male who was acting more like a kid.
Once under the covered Luke pulled James in close, getting James head to sit in the hollow of his shoulder as he tightened his arms around James’ shoulder and snuggled in close. A soft kiss to his forehead, and a whispered good night, which James replied to. Luke seemed to pass out.   James shifted slightly, getting his arm out from under his body and generally settling in. comfortable in a position that had never been before. James allowed himself to be pulled into sleep alongside his mate. Luke.
Man, he really hoped the guy wanted that too.


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