What's on the Agenda

Here's what's in my future.

M/M Contemporary Romance

Pickleville Series

I just finished writing Carter and Seth's story. This is book 9 in the series and will almost be the last.The books title is Coming Back Home (Pickleville #9) and it comes out on October 15th. I do plan on revisiting the character is a Christmas story. I think I'll focus on Jaron and Travis, just because I miss them. Christmas with the Heath's should be fun.

Demon Elite Series

I know I've probably already told you guys this about a thousand times so your sick of me mentioning it, but the Demon Elite series is a spin-off of Lakehouse Security. The series will each feature a member of the assassin team and each book will be way more stand alone that Lakehouse Security was. The first book will be out in January. And will feature a man named Crash and Elijah from Locke's Love. Elijah is the man that was held captive in the first three books of the the Lakehouse series and then in book three Tripp helps him escape, along with Jacob. Elijah was a strong secondary character in book three. In book four he gets beaten severely. I'm looking forward to finding out how his story plays out.

M/M Paranormal Romance

Saint Lakes Series

My idea has completely changed for this series. Originally I thought I'd make this a M/M contemporary series, but I really want to write something Paranormal. So, I'll have Vampires, shifters, and witches in this series. I've outline the first book on the series. The main Characters are a Dragon shifter who owns a boat repair shop and a man who's a witch but doesn't know it when the book starts. So looking forward to his. I expect the first book to be out in November, but that's a tentative date at this point.

Wolf City Series

I'm also about a quarter of the way into a new M/M paranormal series about werewolves and vampires. I'm very excited about this series. More about it later!

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