What Am I Reading?

My favorite thing to read is M/M Paranormal Romance at the moment. Shifter's in particular seem to fascinate me. I especially love when they find their mate and it's instant attraction. There's nothing better for me.

One of my favorite Series in this genre and what I'm reading right now his Catherine Lievens Whitdell and Gilman series. Yes, I'm reading both series at the same time. I buy them from Extasy on or near the day they come out. Both series are so closely related that it's sort of like reading the same one.

Now, I'm not ashamed to say that I have had problems remember Characters from previous books. You know what I mean? Like when a main character from one book comes back as a secondary character in another. it's sometimes hard for me to remember the characters and who they're mated too.

I don't have this problem with Catherine Lievens books, despite the fact that I'm reading both series at the same time. That's how great and unique the characters are.

Also, the great thing about these books is that there are many and I do love when a good thing is plentiful.

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