The Men of Picklville

Dakota had a normal life and was a typical farm boy. He had two parents that loved him and an older brother that he told everything too. Than one night he went out to a night club and met a guy he liked well enough to have a one night stand with, but not well enough to have it last. That man changed his life forever and not necessarily in a good one. The man ended up being a stalker and he had to leave his family. He ended up in Pickleville though. That's where the story begins.

Jackson seems to have it all. He is the son of a rich farmer. But he was largely raised by his father. He has a step mother that he has never gotten along with, but the woman takes good care of his dad so he tolerates her. We first meet him in the Whispers of Home where he's bullying Jaron McAllister, but by the end of that book Jackson's true character comes out. He's a likeable guy that gets along with everyone. He only has friends with benefits and has never really had a long term relationship.

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