Persistent Love (Lakehouse Security #5) Excerpt

Coming September 1st! to Extasy Books


It was just getting on to evening and this highway was fairly deserted, although not deserted enough to land the helicopter though. They’d have to wait for a more secluded area for that. Now that Stone was all set to block the van he was just waiting for the timing to be right.
Something buzzed in Justin’s ear and Danny’s voice came through the communication device. “Aiden’s got a victim with him.” Danny must have switched over the feed.
“How is he?”
“Well, he told me to tell you to fuck off so I’d say he’s just fine,” Danny said.
Justin smiled. “That’s about what I expected.”
“Yeah, me too. I’m out.”
“Copy that.”
It was only then that he heard someone breathing heavily in his ear and realized Danny connected them all together. Justin held his breath when he realized it was Aiden he was hearing. God, please let him be okay. He’d give anything if Aiden was okay.
“Danny,” Aiden breathed out.
“Tell Justin to stand down until we get to the destination.”
“You just did. And that’s not going to happen, babe,” Justin said. He knew Stone could hear him and thanked the powers that be the man didn’t have a gossiping bone in his body. Justin had a reputation to uphold with his men as being a hard as-nails leader. That was his role in the team.
“If you want the boss, stand down,” Aiden said in a calm voice. He could barely be heard, as if he were whispering.
“I’m not leaving you for that long.”
“Why not? It’s what you're good at.”
“That’s not fair, Aiden.”
“Fuck. Off.”
“I’m not backing down this time, baby. You might want to wrap your pretty head around that fact.”
“Can you two have this conversation some other time please? So not appropriate given the situation,” Danny said.
It was a full half-hour later when the van finally pulled off the highway. Justin and Aiden were at one of their usual stalemates again, neither talking, but they both knew the other was there listening.
“Take the next exit and turn left, Stone,” he said.
“Okay, the direction you’re going leads to an industrial type park about five miles ahead and to the right,” Danny said to them. “There are five large buildings in a small area. Hold on and I’ll tell you what type of businesses they are.” Danny was telling him this information based on the assumption that he was going to wait until the van got to its destination. An industrial park was a good place to look for the head leader. It most likely was the area they were taking Aiden.
Justin still wasn’t going to let Aiden go to some psycho for even a second.
Everything was silent except for the sounds of the helicopter for several minutes before Justin said, “Stone.” And that was all it took for Stone to move in on the Van.
Justin heard Aiden curse and saw Stone accelerate, weaving around the van. Stone stopped in the middle of the road about a quarter of a mile ahead of the vehicle Aiden was in.


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