#MySexySaturday -104 Late Sexy Summer with a giveaway!

This weeks theme is Late Sexy Summer and what's more sexy in the summer than riding horses. Places Like Home (Pickleville #7) comes out next Saturday, August 15th to Extasy Books. Please enter my contest at the bottom of this post to win this book and another book on my backlist!


Running away from his problems isn’t an option anymore.

For three years Dakota Weaver has done nothing but run from a man that wants to hurt him. He changes his name and takes a job as far away from the last place he lived as he could get. The Heath’s are great people and he loves his job. It reminds him of the home he left behind all those years ago. Dakota has looked over his shoulder for far too long and has come to the end of his rope.

The first time Jackson sees Dakota on his best friend, Travis Heath’s farm, he wants the man. All of Jackson’s flirting gets him nowhere with the man though. Jackson overhears a telephone conversation Dakota has with his brother and gets a whole new perspective on Dakota’s life and what it’s really like.

This time, Jackson's colt came trotting up to him. "Is Daddy feeding you?" Dakota said petting the colt’s neck. The little guy was already Jackson's baby and Dakota had to smile every time Jackson talked about him. Jackson called the colt Sam. It was a strange name for a horse but Dakota thought it fit pretty well regardless.

"Just finished. Now, he's just bugging me while I get our horses ready for the ride," Jackson said and lifted a saddle.

"You could put him in his stall," Dakota said walking over to Jackson.

"He doesn't like it in there. He has anxiety," Jackson said settling the saddle on top of one of his horses. He moved the saddle up so that the saddle horn was over the horses withers.

"Anxiety. Really, Jackson?" Dakota said incredulously.

Jackson shrugged. "He's too cute to be put in a stall. He needs the exercise. Plus, I have someone who wants to buy him that will put him to pasture. So a stall isn't needed."

Dakota rolled his eyes. He knew Jackson wouldn't sell him. Jackson kept talking about doing it as if he was psyching himself up for the day he would have to give him up. He got this look in his eyes that was a little haunted just at the thought of being without the goofy little colt. "You are so full of shit."


"Nothing. Do you need help?"

"Sam's helping me. You just stand there and look pretty." Jackson tightened the cinch strap and then turned to him.

Dakota had a hand on Sam's back petting him. Sam came trotting to Jackson, nudging his hand. Jackson patted him on top of his head. "That's my sweet Sam."

Dakota leaned against a stall door and smiled. Yep, Sam was their horse all right. "I think you should let Carter train him when the time comes." Sam was too young for any hard training right now.

"Yeah, I think I will." Jackson turned to saddle up the other horse and Sam was right there with him. Jackson put the bridle over Sam's back. "Hold that." Sam just stood next to him as if he actually understood what Jackson said.

Dakota chuckled at the cuteness that was Sam and Jackson.

He watched as Jackson got the horse ready and then he took the reins from Jackson as they headed out of the barn.

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