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Hey again, this week I thought I’d give you another sample of book 2 in An Alphas World series. This is actually what’s going to be used. I have full plot and everything, yay!

Remember this excerpt is rough, still in first drafts so therefore not been edited

He just sat there.
Sat there like he owned the whole fucking world. Like nothing was of his concern and everything in its place and that included Jay.
Jay paced, the walls grew thick, paused as they closed in on him. Tighter and tighter until there was no air, no room, nowhere for him to stand.
His feet tapped. Tapped. Tapped. And the bastard just sat there, settled, legs sprayed knees apart a bulge at the apex. Could have just been fabric. Could be man.
Tap. Tap. Jay gasped, his hand ran against the soft wood of the cabin wall. Fingers scrapped as he clutched, trying to… Jay didn’t know. It was all.
A pause echoed against his heart, beat up a storm.
Jay swallowed hard. The ball getting clogged in his throat.
A rustle.
Jay turned his head with a snap, automatically looking towards the chair. Towards him.
He hadn’t moved, at least if didn’t seem to Jay that he’d moved. Maybe it was his foot, scuffing against the floor. That would make sense, really, the floor was just as dusty as the rest of the house as if it hadn’t been lived in. Used, yes, that was more than evident.
There was comfort but nothing that made it seem like a home.
Jay tracked against the hard unforgiving line of his jaw. Scuffed with stubble and an uptilt of his lips, he held a smirk in rest. His eyes were bright piercing in Jay, seeing….
Those eyes tracked him, it wasn’t anything Jay hadn’t felt before. He was bait. He’d been created for that and he’d embraced that part of him in order to survive.
His blood thickened. He grew use to the hunt. He’d grown use to it like he grew us to men pawing at him in filthy hotel rooms, or up against darkened walls. He’d stopped thinking of himself worthy of anything but the scraps others wanted to give him, and like all those others times, he was here on someone else’s work, whoring himself away to a man just because someone had told him to.
No that wasn’t right, he hadn’t been told this time. He’d been taken, knocked across the head, and woke up in this place. The walls inclosing him, boxed him into his fate.
Fate. Is that what he was calling it now, or a sacrifice?
The moon rose higher into the sky outside the walls. Jay felt it tingle against his pressure points, rumble against the world.
This wasn’t going to go well. There was only one reason for him to be here. For them both to be there, it meant an alpha wanted something.
So yes sacrifice was his name.
Just fucking awesome….
His feet started to tap, running against the wooden floor as he paced front and back, as far as he could one side of the room and then back again.
The moon laughed. Hackled as she played against his senses, she’d be full soon. Plump and ready for blood to cover what she saw, but first to fuck. Sex and blood.
Jay felt eyes on him, like living objects they reached out towards him, keeping time, waiting for him to tire before they rest back in there normal place and the rest of the man could pounce.
Goosebumps rose against Jay’s skin, heat flushed across his cheeks and neck. His hand rubbed against his junk, shifting his balls and cock, playing, rearranging as it thickened up behind the cotton of his trackies.
He’d forgotten what this felt like, the fear and the hunt wrapped up in a chase that came from beasts. The need to just open up and fuck.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
Jay shook his head. Shook away the thoughts that weren’t his own. Weren’t anyone’s but the moon as she got him ready for what she wanted.
He wanted out.
He didn’t want this. He didn’t want to be here waiting for the man to pounce.
He didn’t want in these walls. He didn’t want to be here.
The floor creaked. Jay turned, but the man wasn’t in his chair anymore. Jay twirled, twisted. He could feel him, could taste him on the air, but he didn’t know where he was.
Jay swallowed, his feet moving him. His back against the wall, Jay creped along, going slowly, eyes twisting and turning, trying to find out where he went.
His heart leap into his throat. Jay did everything he could to swallow it back down, but he could feel the presence creeping forward. Hunting him.
Jay’s mind tumbled his limbs shook. Sweet dripped down his spin. His cock throbbed.
He didn’t know where he was meant to look, didn’t know what shadows the man crept behind. Didn’t know what was going to happen next.
“You’re mine!”
Jay screamed, it was sharp and to point as hands turned him, pinning him to the wall he was walking against. His head snapped against wood, hitching his shoulder, noise pushing his chin up, so he could get to his neck.
Sharp sting. Hot blood spilled from spots in his throat, dripping down into his shoulder his chest, a tongue followed lapping up what he wanted to taste as a thigh pushed itself between his legs making him straddle it.
His balls were pushed up, pressure and a twist had them aching wanting free. He pushed up onto his toes, instinctively, rubbing himself against the man, a moan clogged up his windpipe.
“That’s it.” a growl rolled through Jay feeling him and allowing him to return it.
“name.” gasps were all Jay was able to give.
Jay’s back ached as the name rolled around him. Tightening him up, not letting him go.
This was going to happen, that was for sure. Jay didn’t have a say in this, he hadn’t since he’d been brought here and he was just to go with it or…
There was no or. He was here, and though he wasn’t sure he was accepting for everything that was going on, he was sure going to try his best not to have more blood spilled then was necessary.
Therefore taking it was the only way he was going to get out alive. If waiting for the beast to settle for the night so he was able to run, then that’s what he was all about. That’s what he would do. And hell, if that meant he’d get to come then who was he to say no.

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April Watts said…
OMG love it! sounds like a great read!
April Kelley said…
It does sound like a fun story to read!

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